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Before Their Eyes

Before Their Eyes

Before Their Eyes - Hey Dude! (Video)

Before Their Eyes - Hey Dude! (Video) Lyrics / Letra: I'm not afraid of them They can't control me now Becoming who I am is standing for who you are When things are falling apart I won't abandon you No one is coming to save us now The world is falling and I'm surrounded I've watched you slip away Don't say you haven't changed You know I've known you from the start I've seen the worst in you I see you leading them astray You can't control me.


Before Their Eyes - Redemption (2012)

Support the band, buy the album! Before Their Eyes - Redemption (2012) Setlist: 00:00:00 01 - Intro 00:00:28 02 - Lies 00:03:50 03 - Dream 00:07:04 04 - Find...

♪ Before Their Eyes - Lies (Guitar cover) ♪

"Lies" de Before Their Eyes, groupe moins connu que d'autres. Tuning: Drop C. Abonnez-vous ou cliquez sur "j'aime", ça me ferait plaisir :D. "Copyright Discl...

Before Their Eyes - Crawling Towards Forgiveness [Lyrics]

I do not own the music or the picture. Enjoy!~ LYRICS: We'll crawl all night, We'll crawl all night. Night. Pick up the pieces, Show us what we're worth. Ste...

Start With Today by Before Their Eyes Lyrics Video

Music Copyright of Before Their Eyes and Rise Record Label I do not own anything I made this video for my best friends, they know who they are.

Before their Eyes - So In Love [Lyrics]

So in love Lyrics by Before Their Eyes..

Before Their Eyes- Dream ft Breathe Carolina lyrics

Before Their Eyes- Dream ft Breathe Carolina lyric video no copyright intended.

Before Their Eyes: Alive lyrics

A song By Before Their Eyes! I don't own anything! send me a request of a song !

Before Their Eyes - Revenge (Lyrics)

One of the best songs i've heard in a while.

Before Their Eyes - Find

Torque Extreme by Rudmen.