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Blaze Biography


1.) Used by some to mean Blaze Bayley and his current band of the same name with such tracks as The Man Who Would Not Die or for his former band B L A Z E with such albums as Silicon Messiah and Tenth Dimension. 2.) A US house duo, Kevin William Hedge & Joshua Alexander Milan, with such albums as Basic Blaze, Spiritually Speaking and Do You Remember House. 3.) Blaze - Hailing from New Jersey, school friends Josh Milan and Kevin Hedge aka Blaze began producing in 1984 and made a name for themselves two years laters with a pair of garage classics, "If You Should Need A Friend" and "Whatcha Gonna Do" (with vocals by Colonel Abrams). The 1990's saw the boys further their sucess with the release of "Hide Away" by De'Lacy and "My Desire" by Amira, both of which are now widely regarded as anthems. More recent releases on Slip 'n' Slide, Easy Street Records plus collaboration with Louie Vega for his album "Elements Of Life", have helped to maintain the duo become one of the most sought after writing, producion and remix teams in the business. Chris Herbert was a member of Blaze but left the group in the early 90's. 2.) Blaze Bayley (Bayley Alexander Cook), is an English heavy metal singer/song writer, born 29th of May, 1963. He is best known for his time in Iron Maiden (1994 - 1999), replacing Bruce Dickinson as lead vocalist. Before he joined Iron Maiden he sang in a rock band by the name of Wolfsbane, a band that had achieved legendary status in their hometown of Tamworth in the early 1990's. In 1999 Bruce Dickinson rejoined Iron Maiden leaving Blaze out of the band. Since then Blaze has toured and sung in his own solo band. This band was originally known as the moniker B L A Z E, but is currently known as Blaze Bayley. Four studio albums have been released; Silicon Messiah (2000), Tenth Dimension (2002), Blood and Belief (2004), and The Man Who Would Not Die (2008), and two live albums, As Live As It Gets (2004) and Alive in Poland (2007). The original line-up, next to Blaze Bayley himself, were Steve Wray (guitars, March 1999-September 2004), John Slater (guitars March 1999-September 2004), Rob Naylor (bass March 1999-April 2003), Jeff Singer (drums March 1999-January 2003). Many touring and session members followed after the departure of the original members until the current Blaze Bayley line-up. Members of today's band are, in addition to Blaze: Nico Bermúdez (guitar), Dave Bermúdez (bass), Jay Walsh (guitar) and Lawrence Paterson (drums).

Blaze Metal Albums

As Live as It Gets Thumbnail Image

There are few greater proponents of old-school metal than Blaze Bayley. As Live As It Gets recorded live in 2002 in Switzerland and the UK, includes six [...]

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