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Blindside Blues Band

Blindside Blues Band


Guitarist, Mike Onesko was discovered in the clubs of Martin County, California by Shrapnel records president Mike Varney. Shortly after, Onesko formed the Blindside Blues Band with Scott Johnson on guitar, Gregg Chaisson on bass guitar and, Racer X frontman and Badlands drummer, Jeff Martin on drums. The band put out three records with this lineup. Although Gregg played on the records he never did any live shows with the band. That duty was filled admirably by Kier Staeheli. The last Shrapnel lineup for the Blindside Blues Band was Mike Onesko, Mike Varney, Aysnley Dunbar, James Lomenzo. Onesko went on to Comet Records in Italy to record many records such as "Mike Onesko's Guitar Army", "Smokehouse Sessions", "Live At The Torrita Blues Festival, Italy", as well as "Voodoo Crossing" and "Gypsy Blood" (both Jimi Hendrix tributes). The band's current drummer is Emery Ceo. Mike Onesko website:

Blindside Blues Band Metal Albums

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Outstanding latest studio disc from the Blindside Blues Band, featuring 12 tracks (74 minutes) of mega-killer, powerful, incredibly solid, blues-based, retro-70s heavy guitar riffage that is [...]

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