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Born Of Osiris

Born Of Osiris

Born Of Osiris Biography


Born of Osiris is the Progressive/Technical Deathcore outfit from Chicago, Illinois. The formation of the band was in 2003, as they released several demos and had begun to go through various name changes over the next few years (including... Diminished, Rosecrance & Your Heart Engraved). In 2007, under the name Born Of Osiris, they signed to Sumerian Records. and finished recording their first full-length album entitled "The New Reign", released on October 2, 2007. They have toured alongside artists such as Unearth, Beneath the Massacre, As Blood Runs Black, Winds of Plague, Winters End, See You Next Tuesday, CATHERINE, Suicide Silence and Veil of Maya. They released their next album on July 7th, 2009, titled "A Higher Place". However, due to one or two issues in the band, guitarist Matt Pantelis has left B.O.O to join Veil of Maya as a bassist. There are no conflicts between the two whatsoever. Later on, they had founded a new guitarist to fill Matt's place. Guitarist Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders toured with the band in 2009. Current line-up: Ronnie Canizaro : lead vocals Lee McKinney : guitar Jason Richardson : guitar Joe Buras : keyboards, vocals Cameron Losch : drums David Darocha : bass guitar Former/past member(s): Lee Evans : Guitar Matt Pantelis : Guitar Dan Laabs - Bass (Diminished-Your Heart Engraved) Joel Negus - Vocals/Guitar (Diminished - Your Heart Engraved) Mike Shanahan - Guitar (Your Heart Engraved) Name Changes: Diminished (originally) Your Heart Engraved Rosecrance Born Of Osiris (current)

Born Of Osiris Metal Albums

A Higher Place Thumbnail Image

2009 album from the Metal monsters. Since the release of their debut album, The New Reign, in 2007, Born of Osiris have been touring relentlessly spreading [...]

The New Reign Thumbnail Image

Take cover! German thrash legends Kreator have returned with a true thrash metal masterpiece, Hordes of Chaos. Destined to further the incredible success they found on [...]