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Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony [COMPLETE ALBUM]

The entire fourth album from Pennsylvania modern-rock band, Breaking Benjamin, Dear Agony, off of Hollywood Records 01. Fade Away - 0:04 02. I Will Not Bow - 3:21 03. Crawl - 6:56 04. Give Me a Sign - 10:55 05. Hopeless - 15:14 06. What Lies Beneath - 18:33 07. Anthem of the Angels - 22:07 08. Lights Out - 26:10 09. Dear Agony - 29:43 10. Into the Nothing - 34:02 11. Without You - 37:46 *I'm not going to repeat myself. Any complaints about the opening will be removed. I'm getting really tired of having to explain the same thing over and over again. ._. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE IMAGE(S) OR MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO. THEY ARE THE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTFUL OWNERS. "Dear Agony" and all songs on "Dear Agony" are the strict property of Breaking Benjamin and/or Hollywood Records. TAGS: "Breaking Benjamin" breaking benjamin "Dear Agony" full album modern-rock metal alternative "Ben Burnley" "Aaron Fincke" "Mark James Klepaski" "Chad Szeliga" Pennsylvania 2009 "Hollywood Records" **GO CHECK OUT "Get That Bitch A Cannon; Umm, I'll Pass" ON FACEBOOK: **GO CHECK OUT "The Wrestling Corner" ON FACEBOOK: 1. Here's a single from a metal band called "A Rose for Angelia" 2. This is the music video to "House" by "This Wicked Tongue" 3. Here's the music video to "I'll Keep My Heart" by "Casting Call"­lcp 4. Here is Spirit Caravan's single "Dove Tongued Agressor" 5. ARTIST: Falling Up SONG: "Exit Calypsan" (I almost forgot to put the link in the description XD) 6. ARTIST: Chase This City SONG: "The Kids That Never Gave Up" 7. ARTIST: Rescuer SONG: "Untitled" 8. ARTIST: Beautiful Lies SONG: "Newark Intl." 9. ARTIST: Reluctant Hero SONG: "And The Horse He Rode In On" 10. ARTIST: Laika's Flight SET: Rooms Sessions 2012 11. ARTIST: Drive Me To Juliet SONG: "Saving Glass Heart" 12. ARTIST: pre)Thing SONG: "Can't Stop (22nd Century Lifestyle)" 13. ARTIST: WORTHWHILE SONG: "Good Guys Win" 14. ARTIST: Almost 13 SONG: "Lower Than Dirt" 15. ARTIST: Silverline SONG: "Voices In The Night" 16: ARTIST: From Zero ALBUM: "One Nation Under" 17. ARTIST: Oceans Abide SONG: "The Sea I Sail..."


Breaking Benjamin- Dear Agony [Full Album]

Hey Everyone This is my first video so if you can show the video some love that would be Awesome. Like and sub for more albums. Fade Away- 0:00 I Will Not bo...

Breaking Benjamin - Saturate [COMPLETE ALBUM]

Dear Agony (uploaded by YouTuber, SangeIxP): The entire debut album from PA modern rock band, Breaking Benjamin, "...

Shallow Bay The Best Of Breaking Benjamin Full Album

Shallow Bay The Best Of Breaking Benjamin Full Album Tracklisting: Disc 1 01- Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous 00:00 02- Breaking Benjamin - Skin 02:57 03- Br...

We Are Not Alone Full Album - Breaking Benjamin

I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE SONGS IN THIS VIDEO. ALL SONG RIGHTS AND COPYRIGHTS GO TO Breaking Benjamin AND Hollywood Records So Cold: 0:00 Simple Design: 4:34 F...

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane

Music video by Breaking Benjamin performing The Diary of Jane.

Breaking Benjamin - So Cold

Artist: Breaking Benjamin Title: So Cold Album: We're Not Alone Here Label: Hollywood Records Lyrics: Crowded streets all cleared away One by One Hollow hero...

Breaking Benjamin - Crawl [Official Video]

Breaking Benjamin - Crawl from Dear Agony with video by miriebraha.

Breaking Benjamin Live @ River Street Jazz Cafe (By Breaking Benjamin Brasil)

We don't own nothing about this video. We only put it together. The rights go to Breaking Benjamin and Hollywood Records. Uploaded by Breaking Benjamin Brasi...

Breaking Benjamin - Breath OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

This is the OFFICIAL Music Video for Breath. The second single off of Phobia.