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Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin


Breaking Benjamin - Had Enough [LYRICS]

This is a really good song by Breaking Benjamin! I made this video without looking up any lyrics, so if some are wrong, I apologize. Artist: Breaking Benjami...

Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony

2009 Hollywood Records "Dear Agony" By Breaking Benjamin.

Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil lyrics

Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil with lyrics NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED the video was made just for fun. Everything in this video belongs to the rightful ...

Breaking Benjamin - Without You (Acoustic Version) [1080p HD]

Breaking Benjamin - Without You Acoustic version in 1080p HD with lyrics :) Brought to you by:

Breaking Benjamin- The Diary Of Jane [HQ]

2006 Copyrights to Hollywood Records & Breaking Benjamin. I don't own this song. Check out my band A Fall To Break:

Breaking Benjamin - Skin

"i don't own any of the following material" Breaking Benjamin Skin Lyrics: Well I know you don't know the reason And it's cold, a sign of the season 'Cause y...

Breaking Benjamin - Skin

the 4th song from BREKING BENJAMINS CD saturate (sorry for the caps LOL)

Breaking Benjamin - So Cold [HQ]

Lyrics: Crowded streets are cleared away One by one Hollow heroes separate As they run You're so cold Keep your hand in mine Wise men wonder While Strong men...

Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous Official Music Video

Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous Official Music Video INTO AND ENDING SONG, PLEASE READ UNDER THIS!!! Intro/Ending song: Say It To My Face by Downstait Rate, ...