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Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth - Dementia

Track 1 off the 1997 Album Sounds of the Animal Kingdom (Label: Relapse Records) Join our facebook page at: The Grind Show Brutal Truth: Relapse Records: [LYRICS] front, front life life in sedation no mental addictions frustrated mind tangled in lies progress dementia do follow your instincts, let others be guide your own life through reality perceive depictions, why can't you see blind to real life, can't see life in sedation no mental addictions frustrated mind tangled in lies progress dementia fueling the industry death's futile misery fueling the industry through death's futile misery, progress dementia for what you see is your life for what's to be is no life do follow your instinct


Brutal Truth - Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom (FULL ALBUM)

Brutal Truth - Birth Of Ignorance

Track of their album "Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses". copyright 1992 by Earache Records. Enjoy! BRUTAL FUCKIN TRUTH!

Brutal Truth - God Player

Brutal Truth, God player music video Brutal Truth are an American deathgrind band from New York City, formed by by ex-Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, and Stormtroo...

BRUTAL TRUTH - Birth of ignorance

Ignorance and prejudice Raping peoples minds Molded by environment Hatred of all kinds Never knowing tolerance The ignorant domain Never knowing freedom Wear...

Last 15 minutes of Brutal Truth on the European stages - Obscene Extreme 2014

The last 15 minutes of the last European performances of Brutal Truth with many greatest hits from Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses.

Brutal Truth 3/4

Brutal Truth live at MTC Köln (Cologne) / Germany 30.o4.2014.

Brutal Truth- Collapse

BRUTAL TRUTH birth of ignorance demo

1- Birth Of Ignorance 2- Stench of Prophet 3- Antihomophobe 4- Consumer Mentality.

Brutal Truth- Choice of a New Generation