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Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth - Need to Control (1994) [Full Album]

BRUTAL TRUTH - Need to Control [Re-uploaded in HD]: Copyright © 1994 Earache Records / Brutal Truth [I do not own this music and artwork] **No copyrights infringement intended in this video** **All the rights belong to their respective owners** Genre: Grindcore Released: October 25, 1994 Label: Earache Records Lineup: Kevin Sharp - Vocals Rich Hoak - Drums Dan Lilker - Bass Brent McCarty - Guitars Track Listing: [00:00] 01. Collapse [05:02] 02. Black Door Mine [06:44] 03. Turn Face [08:14] 04. Godplayer [12:21] 05. I See Red [15:10] 06. Ironlung [19:33] 07. Bite the Hand [21:40] 08. Ordinary Madness [26:44] 09. Media Blitz (The Germs cover) [27:40] 10. Judgement [30:14] 11. Brain Trust [32:58] 12. Choice of a New Generation [34:57] 13. Mainliner [37:16] 14. Displacement [41:30] 15. Crawlspace


Brutal Truth - Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom (FULL ALBUM)

Last 15 minutes of Brutal Truth on the European stages - Obscene Extreme 2014

The last 15 minutes of the last European performances of Brutal Truth with many greatest hits from Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses.

Brutal Truth - God Player

Brutal Truth, God player music video Brutal Truth are an American deathgrind band from New York City, formed by by ex-Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, and Stormtroo...

Brutal Truth - Birth Of Ignorance

Track of their album "Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses". copyright 1992 by Earache Records. Enjoy! BRUTAL FUCKIN TRUTH!

BRUTAL TRUTH - Live @Obscene Extreme 2014

Live at Obscene Extreme Festival 2014 Trutnov, 19/07/2014.

Brutal Truth live @ Obscene Extreme 2014 FULL HD

Brutal Truth- Choice of a New Generation

Brutal Truth 3/4

Brutal Truth live at MTC Köln (Cologne) / Germany 30.o4.2014.

BRUTAL TRUTH birth of ignorance demo

1- Birth Of Ignorance 2- Stench of Prophet 3- Antihomophobe 4- Consumer Mentality.