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Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth - Need to Control (1994) [Full Album]

BRUTAL TRUTH - Need to Control [Re-uploaded in HD]: Copyright © 1994 Earache Records / Brutal Truth [I do not own this music and artwork] **No copyrights infringement intended in this video** **All the rights belong to their respective owners** Genre: Grindcore Released: October 25, 1994 Label: Earache Records Lineup: Kevin Sharp - Vocals Rich Hoak - Drums Dan Lilker - Bass Brent McCarty - Guitars Track Listing: [00:00] 01. Collapse [05:02] 02. Black Door Mine [06:44] 03. Turn Face [08:14] 04. Godplayer [12:21] 05. I See Red [15:10] 06. Ironlung [19:33] 07. Bite the Hand [21:40] 08. Ordinary Madness [26:44] 09. Media Blitz (The Germs cover) [27:40] 10. Judgement [30:14] 11. Brain Trust [32:58] 12. Choice of a New Generation [34:57] 13. Mainliner [37:16] 14. Displacement [41:30] 15. Crawlspace


Brutal Truth - Live in Dusche 20.04.2013

Brutal Truth (USA) Live in Dusche club 20.04.2013, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


BRUTAL TRUTH Live At OEF 2011 Play it loud!!!

Brutal Truth - Denial Of Existence

Spreading. Across out land. Infecting breeding grounds. Never to leave our hated soil. Dying. Hope is gone. Right wing oppression. Sentence us far beyond. Su...

Brutal Truth - Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom (FULL ALBUM)

Brutal Truth - Interview @ Scion Rock Fest 2010 (Scion AV)

Interview with Brutal Truth at the 2010 Scion Rock Fest. It is doubtful the most extreme end of the musical spectrum has ever possessed such a transfixing di...

Brutal Truth - Dementia

Track 1 off the 1997 Album Sounds of the Animal Kingdom (Label: Relapse Records) Join our facebook pa...

Brutal Truth - Birth Of Ignorance

Track of their album "Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses". copyright 1992 by Earache Records. Enjoy! BRUTAL FUCKIN TRUTH!

Brutal Truth - God Player

Brutal Truth, God player music video Brutal Truth are an American deathgrind band from New York City, formed by by ex-Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, and Stormtroo...

BRUTAL TRUTH birth of ignorance demo

1- Birth Of Ignorance 2- Stench of Prophet 3- Antihomophobe 4- Consumer Mentality.