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Buckethead & Friends

Buckethead & Friends


Buckethead, Serj Tankian & Shana Halligan - Waiting Hare

I noticed that this song wasn't on youtube, so i uploaded it. I think it needs more attention. Buckethead featuring serj tankian and shana halligan. Check ou...

(Full Album) Buckethead & Travis Dickerson - Chicken Noodles II

Chicken Noodles II - Full Album 1.The Chicken or the Egg 0:00 2.Ovum Prophecy 6:05 3.Concentric Motion 10:15 4.Oyster Crackers 19:22 5.Heat and Serve 29:05 6...

Buckethead - Waiting Hare

Buckethead & Friends - Enter The Chicken.

Buckethead (feat. Saul Williams) - Three Fingers

An awesome song from Enter the Chicken Lyrics: Three fingers on a swollen hand beside a dented garbage can a blind man staring at something only he can see I...

Buckethead - Nottingham Lace

Artist: Buckethead Title: Nottingham Lace Album: Buckethead & Friends - Enter The Chicken Year: 2005 (All rights belong to their respective owners.)

[Full Album] Buckethead & Viggo Mortensen - Please Tomorrow

1. "Swallows to bats" 2. "Nocturne" 3. "Dream One" 4. "Dream Two" 5. "Dream Three" 6. "Frost" 7. "Moonset" 8. "Sunrise"

[Full album] Buckethead & Brain - I Need 5 Minutes Alone

First album with Brain, as "Pieces" 1. "Peesez Monologue" 2. "Pieces" 3. "Danyel" 4. "Ginger" 5. "8 Diagram Pole Fighter" 6. "Scoop Rack" 7. "I'll Wait" 8. "...

Buckethead And Friends - Coma

Buckethead And Friends - Coma...taken from the album "Enter The Chicken"

Buckethead - Longing (Acoustic Shards)

Buckethead - Longing from ''Acoustic Shards'' album, track 14/15 1.For Mom (Early Version) 2.Who Me? (Early Version) 3.Little Gracie 4.Ed's Rhapsody / Midnig...