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Budgie Biography


Budgie is a Welsh rock band founded in Cardiff, Wales, by bassist Burke Shelley in 1967, with Ray Philips (drums) and Tony Bourge (guitar). They released their first album, Budgie, in 1971. Philips left in 1973, to be replaced briefly by Pete Boot, and in 1975 by Steve Williams. Bourge left after the release of Impeckable in 1978, and was replaced by John Thomas. A fresh start and a second wind for Budgie with the onset of the British NWOHM saw them playing to packed concerts as support to Gillan and Ozzy Osbourne on the now infamous Blizzard Of Oz tour featuring the late Randy Rhoads on guitar. The band's last genuine studio album was Deliver Us from Evil (1982), keyboardist Duncan Mackay (10CC) having made the trio a quartet at least in the studio. A major, and highly successful Polish tour and the headline spot at the Reading festival followed but ultimate international superstardom sadly evaded the band and although demos were recorded in preperation for a new record (eventually released as The Last Stage in 2004), there would be no further major release and the band eventually stopped gigging in 1988. Paradoxically in the years that followed Budgie music was to find it's way to a whole new generation and be heard by millions when covers were released by the likes of Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Soundgarden and the mighty Metallica (who still to this day include Breadfan in their live show). Although varying line-ups played one-off gigs in '95 and '96, the band didn't officially reform until 1999. After reforming Budgie played in front of a 30,000 strong audience at the Sweden Rock Festival Budgie go on to tour the UK, Europe (including the famous Arrow Rock Festival) Poland and America and start releasing new albums again. Shelley and Williams were joined by Simon Lees (guitar), who left the band in 2007. You're All Living in Cuckooland 2006 Studio Album by the Hard Rock Legends....their First in Almost 25 Years! Back in the Late 1970's and 80's, the Band Established a Beachead of Fans in San Antonio, Texas thanks to the Late, Legendary Radio DJ Host Joe Anthony, who Made their Recordings Integral to his Show. (Among Other Bands Like Moxy, Garfield, the Ramones, Rainbow, Rush and More!) These Fans Kept the Embers of the Group Alive and Eventually Made it Possible for them to Rise Like a Phoenix and Reclaim their Status as Legendary Rockers! Viva Budgie! February 2008 and Budgie embark on their first Australian tour honoured to have Dio's axeman Craig Goldy guesting on guitar. Craig and Budgie will be joining forces once again to play Poland in November and the Hard Rock Hell extravaganzer in December at Prestayn, Wales. Viva Poland! Budgie - a Glasweigen Punk, Acoustic punk rock.

Budgie Metal Albums

Life in San Antonio Thumbnail Image

2002 remastered live album from the pioneers of riffing metal, performing an amazing set of hard-hitting Budgie favorites. Their first live concert recorded specifically for official [...]

We Came We Saw (Live on the BBC) Thumbnail Image

1997 comp with 14 live recordings from the ’80 & ’82 Readingfests. Includes ’Breadfan’, ’Napoleon Bona Part One And PartTwo’ & ’Panzer Division Destroyed!’. Double slimline [...]

The Very Best of Budgie Thumbnail Image

’the Best of Budgie’ Compiles Classic Tracks from the Group’s Mid 70’s Albums: Never Turn Your Back on a Friend, in for the Kill, Bandoller. [...]

Never Turn Your Back on a Friend Thumbnail Image

Full title – Never Turn Your Back On A Friend. 2004 remastered reissue of 1973 album includes three bonus tracks, ’Breadfan’, ’Parents’, & ’Breadfan’ (1973 video). [...]

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