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Unlocked Pantech Burst Review: $100 on Ebay New Condition with ICS/Dual Core/4" Screen. Now $120

This is a short review of a Pantech Burst Phone I purchased off of Ebay for $100 shipped. It was sold as new and unlocked. It included the original box and all accessories. This was a no contract phone and originally for ATT. Since it was unlocked, I could use it for T-mobile. No problems connecting bluetooth to my Garmin GPS (and it's old) Pro's: 1.5ghz Dual Core CPU. Can run most things you throw at it. Nice 4" bright screen (even at lowest setting). Speakerphone and sound work just fine. Pretty quick 5mp camera with LED flash. Upgradeable to android 4.0 (ICS) from pantech's website. Unlocked so can use with any GSM sim card. Signal Strength on T-mobile is as good as my old HTC mytouch 4g (if not better) I can hear and talk on my phone just fine. Speakerphone is loud enough for me. Negative: Uses micro sim card. T-mobile now offer's micro sim cards, but depending on who you talk to, they might charge you $5 or $10 for a new micro sim. You can get a card cutter from e-bay for about $5. Bad battery life. If you leave everything enabled, battery life will last less than a day. If I reboot the phone, battery percentage decreases by about 10%. Audio might have an echo (works fine for me) Bottom navigation buttons do not recognize well. I installed Button Savior from playstore to address this problem. Touch Screen is okay... not as accurate as an iphone. If you're driving, I noticed that people have a hard time hearing me. They say that I go in and out. I guess call signal is affected when driving. What you would have to do to make this phone run well: 1) Increase battery life by: Rooting phone (VERY EASY) see After root, install Titanium Backup and remove ATT bloatware Install a screen filter found in playstore to decrease screen brightness. Disable auto sync, 4g, gps, and bluetooth. 2) For unresponsive bottom navigation buttons, install 3rd party app such as Button Savior. 3) To increase battery life slightly, install a CPU governor program like SetCPU (after rooting) and decrease clock speed. FINAL REVIEW: I would say this phone a pretty good deal at $100 new. There are ebay sellers that now sell the phone for $120 new. Again you can purchase this unlocked. I bought mine from phonestoreuse UPDATE 2/8/2012. After a month of usage, the phone has started to randomly reboot about once a day. Not sure what's the cause.... maybe it's something simple as an incompatible app or my SD card is dying. Worst case scenario is the phone is dying. I've been noticing more and more 4g locations for T-mobile. Looks like T-mobile is converting over to ATT's bandwidth (or at least using ATT's network)... I'm not sure.. I'm not that in the know: UPDATE 3/20/2013: Phone has been acting up. For the past month the phone would randomly reboot on its own (every once a day or every other day). Now, it will crash and require a hard reset. I took a video of this. I would not recommend this phone since I've had 2 of these phones and now both of these phones have acted up. Update 3/29/13: I was wondering why my phone would reboot? My phone has no apps running on it.., so why would it randomly reboot. Then I realized.. Heck.. I'm using 4g on T-mobile and more times then not 4g is spotty. Could it be that it's finding and losing 4g data... and this switching from 4g to edge is causing the problem? So far.. using widgetsoid to disable 4g (ie enable 2g only), has made my phone rock solid for the past 2 days... waiting for another day to finally confirm this is the bug. On another positive note, my battery life is great since shutting off 4g. If the random reboot goes away.. I'll definitely give this phone a 2 thumbs up!. Still though, my problem seems to be the exception to the rule, so for under $100 you can get a used dual core phone... with 16gb of storage.. plus option to add more space through sd card.... If you want to save money.. this phone is the way to go.




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