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Muffin Stories - The Frog Whose Belly Burst | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables | muffin songs

The Frog Whose Belly Burst One day a young frog, who lived in a pond, went to his father and said, "Daddy, I saw a very Terrible monster." He is as big as a mountain. "He has horns on his head." "When he stamps his feet with thumps, wow!" Seeming very disappointed, the father frog answered as if to say it wasn't interesting or surprising at all. "My son, it's an ox living on the farm." "I've never seen such a terrible monster before." "Ha-ha, good boy! He's nothing. He's not so big. He's just a little bigger than me. Look at me." The father frog breathed in air to blow up his belly. "Was the ox as big as this?" The young frog shook his head. "Much bigger than that.""was he as big as this?" "No, much bigger." The father frog breathed in more air. And not only his belly but also his whole body grew much bigger. "Was he as big as this?" "No, much bigger than that." In order to make his body larger then the ox and show it off, the father frog breathed in as much air as he could using all his energy. "Probebly the ox wasn't as big..." he stammered. But his belly burst before he could finish his remark. Bang! "Daddy! Daddy!" The young frog cried very loudly. (more songs) DOWNLOAD MP3 - 50 Best Kids' Songs, Vol. 1. iTunes (Apple iphone/ipad/ipod) US: AU: JP: UK: BR: CA: Amazon US: JP: UK: FR: DE: الإنجليزية، قصة، حكاية، قصة، والأطفال، وطفل رضيع، جدة Английски, приказка, приказка, разказ, деца, бебе, баба Anglès, conte, rondalla, conte, els nens, nadó, l'àvia 英语,故事,寓言,故事,儿童,婴儿,祖母 Engleski, priča, priča, priča, djeca, dijete, baka Angličtina, pohádka, bajka, příběh, děti, dítě, babička Engelsk, fortælling, fabel, historie, børn, baby, bedstemor Engels, verhaal, fabel, verhaal, kinderen, baby, oma Inglise, lugu, faabula, lugu, lastele, baby, vanaema Ingles, kuwento, katha, kuwento, ang mga bata, sanggol, lola Englanti, tarina, satu, tarina, lapset, vauva, isoäiti Anglais, conte, fable, histoire, enfants, bébé, grand-mère Englisch, Geschichte, Fabel, Geschichte, Kinder, Baby, Großmutter Αγγλικά, παραμύθι, ο μύθος, η ιστορία, τα παιδιά, μωρό, γιαγιά אנגלית, סיפור, אגדה, סיפור, ילדים, תינוק, סבתא अंग्रेजी, कहानी, कल्पित कहानी, कहानी, बच्चों, दादी, बच्चे, Angol, mese, mese, történet, gyermek, baba, nagymama Enska, saga, dæmisaga, saga, börn, barn, amma Inggris, dongeng, fabel, cerita, anak, bayi, nenek Inglese, racconto, favola, storia, bambini, bambino, la nonna 英語、物語、寓話、物語、子供、赤ん坊、祖母 Angļu, stāsts, pasaka, stāsts, bērni, bērnu, vecmāmiņu Anglų, pasaka, pasakėčia, istorija, vaikai, kūdikis, močiutė Engelsk, historie, fabel, fortelling, barn, baby, bestemor Angielski, opowieść, baśń, opowiadanie, dzieci, dziecko, babcia Inglês, conto, fábula, história, crianças, bebê avó, Inglês, conto, fábula, história, crianças, bebê avó, Engleză, poveste, fabula, poveste, copii, copil, bunica Английский, сказка, басня, рассказ, дети, ребенок, бабушка Енглески, прича, бајки, прича, деце, беба, баба Angličtina, rozprávka, bájka, príbeh, deti, dieťa, babička Angleščina, pravljica, pripovedka, zgodba, otroci, baby, babica Inglés, cuento, fábula, cuento, los niños, bebé, la abuela Engelska, historia, fabel, berättelse, barn, barn, mormor เรื่องภาษาอังกฤษ, นิทาน, นิทาน, เด็กทารกยาย, İngilizce, masal, masal, hikaye, çocuk, bebek, büyükanne Англійська, казка, байка, оповідання, діти, дитина, бабуся Tiếng Anh, câu chuyện, truyền thuyết, câu chuyện, trẻ em, trẻ em, bà


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