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[PMV] Locomotion Burst

A masked out 1 second clip looped over 200 times.... Watch in HD or else it will look like ass. ^^ Also the train wheels move backwards in the actual episode! Not my fault! ; D This really wasn't supposed to be this long or take so long but it just kinda started one day and didn't stop... thank god I'm done with it. If anything I hope this shows how powerful a few color corrections, vectors, and particle effects in the hands of a novice editor can be. My life's gonna get a little busier soon, but I will try my best to continue editing because I love doing it. If you liked this video, check out some of my others! Thanks for watching! -D.S. Song: Emotion Burst Locomotion By: Waterflame Go Listen to All the Musics! All Vectors from MLP Vector Club, Thank you so Much! Thanks to These Guys for Cross Checking: -Talkie Toaster -MrDeLoop Video Stats: -Programs Used: Photoshop and After Effects -161 Layers In Main Comp -Includes 27 Pre-Comps -5061 Frames -Render Time: 1 hour -Fail Renders: 6 -( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) EQD Post: PMV-Today Post: Everfree:


Burst-Cripple God

From their awesome new album "Lazarus Bird", out now on Relapse Records; so go and buy it!!

3-Round Burst AUG

Click-2-Tweet! Facebook: Twitter: Big Thanks to Richard! http://www.yout...

Team Burst and Friends :: Meihan E-Course (May 2006) :: Naoki Nakamura, Akihito Fujio, Team Burst and friends doing their thing at Meihan Sportsland's E-Course back in 2006 :: http://...

中村直樹 BURST S13 :: クロスD 第2戦 :: Suzuka Twin (Jun 2006)

Naoki Nakamura in the "expression session" of a drift competition at Suzuka Twin Circuit in 2006.

Assassin Zed - Burst Zed Build - League of Legends

Zed build for quick, burst assassinations! →Subscribe Here: →Duelist Zed: →Facebook:

Swifty WOD Burst All Classes 60 Fps

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[PC] NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 FULL BURST | Ashura Naruto VS Indra Sasuke

If you enjoyed this battle leave a like! Also remember to check out the playlist for more episodes! ▻Music Used: Intro - Eminem - Without Me (feat. Katamari ...

How to make a Flower Burst Rainbow Loom Bracelet - Advanced Starburst Tutorial Copyright © Justin's Toys, 2013 - Rerecording this video tutorial will result in a copyright strike. This bracelet was originally designe...