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Celtic Frost

Celtic Frost

Celtic Frost - The Usurper

Song: The Usurper Band: Celtic Frost Album: To Mega Therion Year: 1985 Lyrics: Lend me your steel-bearing hand So I may reign the Jewel Throne My soul feels the gods' demand As the lost kings uphold my side [Chorus] Blood and sand Mark their way The usurper's tears Guide my sword... Fantasia slept in my thoughts As I was a son of infinity The emperor, forgotten, rests in my dreams As, back to the wall, I start the conquest Innocence and wrath Now lie far beyond As we cross the deserts To reach the fortress' gates Tragical serenades Are whispered in the wind As eyes in fury Grant us our strength (They're) throning on the dignity of might But the successor is to enter the hall False truth saw them climbing the steps But I remain the Jewel Throne's choice! *All music written and arranged by Celtic Frost** Track list: 1. "Innocence and Wrath" - 1:03 2. "The Usurper" - 3:24 3. "Jewel Throne" - 3:59 4. "Dawn of Meggido" - 5:42 5. "Eternal Summer" - 4:29 6. "Circle of the Tyrants" - 4:36 7. "(Beyond the) North Winds" - 3:04 8. "Fainted Eyes" - 5:00 9. "Tears in a Prophet's Dream" - 2:30 10. "Necromantical Screams" - 6:06 Line-up: *Thomas Gabriel Warrior - Vocals & Guitars *Dominic Steiner - Bass *Reed St. Mark - Drums, Timpani *Martin Eric Ain - Bass _____________________________________________ *Guest musicians: Wolf Bender - French horn (Tracks 1, 4 & 10) Claudia-Maria Mokri - Additional vocals (Tracks 2, 6 & 10) Horst Müller - Sound effects (Track 9) Urs Sprenger (Steve Warrior!) - Sound effects (Track 9) *Noise Records. *Cover Artwork: H. R. Giger - "Satan I", 1977.


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Celtic Frost - A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh

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Celtic Frost Live at Wacken 2006

celtic frost 2006 wacken original concert.

Celtic Frost-Ain Elohim live at Wacken 2006 HQ

Celtic Frost - Procreation (of the Wicked)

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Celtic Frost - Circle of the Tyrants

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CELTIC FROST - Cherry Orchards (promo video)

from the infamous "Cold Lake" LP.