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Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom Biography


Children of Bodom is a Finnish band from the city of Espoo, near Helsinki. The name of the band comes from one of the most famous Finnish murder cases of all time. (The murdering of three teenagers one night at Lake Bodom back in the 60's.) Early Children of Bodom albums are inspired by classical music and death metal (Red Light in My Eyes pt. 1 starts with a line from J.S. Bach's Invention No.13 in A minor and Red Light in My Eyes pt. 2 includes selections from Mozart's 25th Symphony), and later albums are more inspired by a commercial thrash and hair metal, losing some of its earlier melodic style. A precise definition for their musical genre is discussed by fans and the specialized press alike, often discounting the influences of the band and the composition of songs. The lyrics of their songs are written in the English language and are often of a simplistic nature, dealing with the subjects of death and personal struggles. As the band grows in experience, so does their playing style. They seem to change one way or another with every album that gets released. Even the album cover arts seems to change as the band grows. They are now also hitting the mainstream part of metal, their name and style being more known now. COB continues to inspire many musicians alike and more join the COBHC everyday. The bandmembers include Alexi Laiho (lead guitar and vocals), Janne Warman (keyboard), Roope Latvala (rhythm guitar), Jaska Raatikainen (drums) and Henkka T. Blacksmith (bass guitar). Ex-members are Alexander Kuoppala (rhythm guitar 1995-2003, Jani Pirisjoki - Keyboards (1995-1997), Samuli Miettinen - Bass (1993-1995) and Erna Siikavirta - Keyboards (1998 European Tour)

Children of Bodom Metal Albums

Follow the Reaper Thumbnail Image

2008 reissue of Follow the Reaper which is the third album by Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom. The band’s style in this release [...]

Hatebreeder Thumbnail Image

2008 release of the reissue of Hatebreeder. From beginning to end, Hatebreeder is a full-throttle attack that takes you along on ride that’s like driving with [...]

Are You Dead Yet? Thumbnail Image

This is the fifth studio album from Children Of Bodom.Lead singer Alexi Laiho told Finland’s Soundi magazine that ’Are You Dead Yet?’ features some completely new [...]

Tokyo Warhearts: Live Thumbnail Image

Japanese Version featuring an Exclusive Inlay for Initial Pressing Only.

Something Wild Thumbnail Image

2008 reissue of Something Wild, the debut album by the Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom, released in 1997. The album presents a darker [...]

Hate Crew Deathroll Thumbnail Image

2008 digitally remastered, enhanced and expanded edition featuring expanded artwork, new sleevenotes, three bonus tracks and the ’Sixpounder’ video. This album is dirty, simple in theory, [...]

Blooddrunk Thumbnail Image

Special UK edition of the Metal band’s 2008 album featuring two bonus tracks: covers of ’Ghostriders In The Sky’ and ’Lookin’ Out My Back Door’. Blooddrunk [...]

Are You Dead Yet? Thumbnail Image

Limited vinyl LP pressing of this 2005 album from the Finnish Metal band. The follow-up to 2003’s Hate Crew Deathroll is even more straight-forward than its [...]

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