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Christian Death

Christian Death


Christian Death - Romeo´s Distress

Si te gusto la canción y quieres descargarte el disco completo te lo puedes bajar de aqui! Mi Blo...

Christian Death - Church of no Return

Christian Death - Church of no Return.

Christian Death - Ashes

goth gothic deathrock rozz williams valor gitane demone.

Christian Death - Desperate Hell (1981)

from Deathwish 12'' EP - L'Invitation Au Suicide (1984)

Christian Death ✝ Figurative Theatre

In the shallow holes Of a thousand eyes In the knee-deep graves Of future survivors The fleshless guests live off Children of the past Their aging fingers ca...

Christian Death - Believers of the Unpure (1986)

Old video to silence the Valor Haters, Yes indeed, Valor used to sing and was front man of the band even back in those heady days in 1985/6. I honestly don't...

CHRISTIAN DEATH - Spiritual Cramp / version /

CHRISTIAN DEATH + Spiritual Cramp + Incurable disease on the day of rest Walking on water in a sea of incest I've got an image of Jesus embedded on my chest ...

CHRISTIAN DEATH - silent thunder (1986)

Christian Death -This is Heresy