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Cold Biography


Cold are from Jacksonville, Florida, USA. With the release of its self-titled debut, "Cold," in 1998, the band quickly became known for its angsty lyrics and the singer's distinctive voice. Cold's first self-entitled album, "Cold," has obvious touches of grunge, but on the following album, "13 Ways to Bleed on Stage," Cold changed towards a more ambivalent, and in some ways, alternative, hard rock, with slightly calmer and angst inspired songs. In later years and albums, Cold has moved closer to plain rock, heavily inspired by lead singer Scooter Ward's dark lyrics and sorrowful sound. Cold has also released a third album, entitled "Year of the Spider," that moved them closer to mainstream rock as well as mainstream success. Cold collaborated with game developer and publisher Midway to produce an exclusive song titled "With My Mind" for the 2004 video game Psi - Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. They also have a fourth album titled "A Different Kind Of Pain" which moves more-so in the direction of dark emotional lyrics. This fourth album was released on August 30th, 2005. Cold is rumored to have always been able to illicit very close and emotional feelings amongst its fans, which has resulted in a very tight fan base nicknamed the "Cold Army," an obvious Kiss reference in and of itself. Lead singer Scooter Ward is in close contact with certain Cold fans via the band's official homepage and forum, which is run and moderated by a former fan. Former members of Cold include guitarist Terry Balsamo, who left the band after a joint tour to replace Ben Moody of Evanescence, and Kelly Hayes, who left the band amid turmoil over its future in music and in the music industry itself. In late February 2006, Scooter Ward posted on the band's forum that Cold has "called it a day," but that he and drummer Sam McCandless will start a new project, "The Witch". The project just recently announced a new name, "When November Falls," and has also announced a tentative title for their first release as "The Series of Emotion." It is expected out in March, with the first single hopefully hitting the radio airwaves around January... In late April 2006, Scooter Ward announced, via MySpace, that Cold was no longer going to disband, but instead simply take a break. It is presumed that Scooter Ward and Sam McCandless are going to continue work on "When November Falls" during this break. In November 2006, it was again announced that Cold was now officially over after a good 20 year run and that "When November Falls" was now his main focus. "When November Falls" has been renamed yet again to "The Killer And The Star" in March of 2008. In July of 2008 it was announced that Cold would reunite in 2009 for a reunion tour and a new album, which is rumored to be their last. The Killer And The Star will also be part of the tour. 2) Isar Logi Arnarsson - electro/techno/ambient music. He dealt with the well-known Elektrolux label.

Cold Metal Albums

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”For Cold, music is…” Scooter pauses. ”It’s real. It’s medicine. It’s therapy. And I think anybody, no matter what age you are, can be affected by [...]

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Limited Edition also contains a bonus DVD approximately one half hour in duration that contains the video for ”Stupid Girl” as well as footage from the [...]

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The 20th Century Masters series is the best-selling single-artist line in music history and is being re-released by Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) in its ground-breaking, environmentally-friendly [...]

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