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Coroner - "R.I.P." (Full Album)

"R.I.P." is the 1987 full-length release from the Swiss Technical Thrash Metal band, Coroner. Band: Coroner Album: "R.I.P." Genre: Technical Thrash Metal Cou...

Coroner - Mental Vortex [Full Album]

Mental Vortex is the fourth album of the Swiss thrash metal trio Coroner originally released in 1991. It is probably their most progressive and mature achiev...

Coroner - Grin [Full Album]

Track listing: "Dream Path" -- "The Lethargic Age" -- "Internal Conflicts" -- "Caveat (To the Coming)" -- "Serpent Moves" -- "Status: Still Thinking" -- "The...

So you want to be a Coroner

This short video highlights the day-to-day activities you might expect to encounter when you are a Coroner. For more information, visit the pages listed belo...

Coroner - Live At Motocultor Festival 2012

Coroner - Live At Motocultor Festival Theix, France 18/12/2012.

CORONER-Masked Jackal

CORONER joue l' un de ses meilleurs titres, attention les oreilles Metal Bible

Coroner - Live in East Berlin 1990 (full show)

Performance from Coroner from 1990 1. Shadow of a Lost Dream 2. Die by my Hand 3. No Need to be Human 4. Read my Scars 5. Voyage to Eternity 6. Absorbed 7. M...

Coroner - Coroner (Compilation Full Album)

Coroner - Coroner (Compilation) 1. Benways World (0:49) 2. The Favorite Game (4:30) 3. Shifter (4:50) NEW! 4. Serpent Moves (6:13) 5. Snow Crystal (0:37) 6. ...

Coroner - Punishment For Decadence (Full Album)

1. Intro (Instrumental) 2. Absorbed 3. Masked Jackal 4. Arc-Lite (Instrumental) 5. Skeleton on Your Shoulder 6. Sudden Fall 7. Shadow of a Lost Dream 8. The ...