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Crimson Glory

Crimson Glory

Crimson Glory - Lost Reflections

Images by H.R. Giger Artist: Crimson Glory Song: Lost Reflections Album: Crimson Glory Lyrics: Locked in this attic Been here so many years Shanna won't set me free She says I'm evil But then she doesn't know I'm not pretending, no, not me Full moon's reflecting A face in the mirror Twisted and bleeding No, you can't be real, no you're All in my mind Shades of insanity, you're not me You're not me Life in the attic I like my rocking chair Staring in shadows Crouched in the corner Waiting for something Laughing at nothing No one there And on and on I wonder is there more What is life beyond the attic door The full moon in my eyes Is all that's real The mirror's lost reflection is in me Life in the attic Life in the attic Life in the attic Life in the attic Cobwebs and dusty dreams Sharp knives and hollow screams Wide eyes of terror Clawing the attic door Can't take it anymore You better go away! You're lyin' Hurry Ah, ah, ah, ah Who's there? No one there You're not me!


Crimson Glory - Transcendence (Full Album) 1988

RE-upload it from this account ! No.Title 1."Lady of Winter" - 0:00 2."Red Sharks" - 4:03 3."Painted Skies" - 8:54 4."Masque of the Red Death" - 14:10 5."In ...

Crimson Glory - Lonely

Prog metal pioneers and their hit song lonely.

Crimson Glory - Painted Skies

Artist: Crimson Glory Song: Painted Skies Album: Transcendence Year: 1988 Lyrics: When she's sad the world is lonely Silver clouds are crying only for the pa...

[Pro-Shot] Crimson Glory - Live In Bradenton, Florida, USA, 02.09.1989 [Full Show]

Pro-Shot! - Full Concert! - Fucking Awesome Show! -------------------------------...

Crimson Glory - Reunion Live Show In Greece 2006 With Midnight!!! [Super Rare]

Crimson Glory "Azrael"

CLICK HERE: Taken from the 1986 self titled album Never been to the hell before Now I'm f...

Crimson Glory - In Dark Places

Artist: Crimson Glory Song: In Dark Places Album: Transcendence Year: 1988 Lyrics: Waves pound the gloomy shores, I watch them roll across my feet so warm I ...

Eternal World (Crimson Glory cover) - Katerina Vaitsi

Hey everyone! This is a vocal cover of the song "Eternal World", originally performed by Crimson Glory. Hope you enjoy! All music and lyrics belong to Crimso...

Crimson Glory - Edge of Forever