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Crowbar-Symmetry In Black (FULL ALBUM) Kirk Windstein - vocals, guitars Tommy Buckley - drums Matthew Brunson - guitars Jeff Golden -- bass 01. Walk with Know...

Crowbar - Existence Is Punishment

Video clip made by Crowbar from the album of the same name. BEST QUALITY, THE BEST SONG! This is the song that define the lyrics of Crowbar, all the problems...

CROWBAR - "The Lasting Dose" (Official Live)

WATCH IN 1080p, and shot by Holderbeast..CROWBAR performing "The Lasting Dose" off their ground breaking album "Sonic Excess in its Purest Form"..Filmed on l...

Crowbar - Broken Glass (1996) FULL ALBUM

00:00 Conquering 02:49 Like Broken Glass 06:32 (Can't) Turn Away From Dying 11:33 Wrath Of Time Be Judgement 15:04 Nothing 20:34 Burn Your World 23:20 I Am F...

Crowbar - "Walk With Knowledge Wisely"

"Walk With Knowledge Wisely" by Crowbar First single off their new record "Symmetry In Black" on E1. Buy the song here:

CROWBAR - The Cemetery Angels (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

CROWBAR - The Cemetery Angels (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "Sever The Wicked Hand". Century Media Europe 2011.

Crowbar "Reflection Of Deceit" (Symmetry In Black) [HD]

I dont own this. From "Symmetry In Black" of the sludge legends CROWBAR! BUY this record RIGHT NOW!

Crowbar - I Feel The Burning Sun

Kick ass video from Crowbar.

Crowbar - Planets Collide

Album: Odd Fellows Rest, 1998 Pictures were found at