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Dark Funeral

Dark Funeral

Dark funeral-Shadows over transylvania (1994 version )

Lyrics : Moonlight - descends in the land of the shadows The cold moon is rising, over blood red skies Wolves - cries in the freezing night Gathered in the twilight, to summon the master below. Rising shadows -over blood red skies Mournful cries - through the darkened night Darkness - spreads in a shape of evil Over the rising kingdom of Transylvania Shadows - surrounds the ancient castle The palace of death far away where no light exist In the realms of Transylvania The purest blood shall flow The mortals shall please The hunger of the undead souls Shadows - over Transylvania Darkness - in the land of frost Whispers - in the winds of evil Storms - in the blood red skies


Dark Funeral - Live At Peace and Love Festival

Member in live: -Lord Ahriman(guitar) -Chaq Mol(guitar) -B-Force(bass) -Dominator(Drum) -Emperor Magus Caligula(Vocal). Tracklist: 1 - Kin...


DARK FUNERAL - Live At Buenos Aires (OFFICIAL LIVE DVD RECORDING). Previously unreleased! Century Media 2013. Shop DARK FUNERAL CDs, LPs and merch at CM Dist...

Dark Funeral - Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus [Full Album]

1. The End of Human Race 2. The Birth of the Vampiir 3. Stigmata 4. My Funeral 5. Angelus Exuro pro Eternus 6. Demons of Five 7. Declaration of Hate 8. In My...

Dark funeral - My funeral

"My Funeral"El videoclip fue grabado del 21-23 de agosto de 2009, para su quinto álbum, (Angelus Exuro pro Eternus). El video fue filmado en el interior y en...

Dark Funeral - Final Ritual

My favorite song of this great band. Follow my other videos: Satariel - 300 Years Old MY TOP TEN EXTREME DEATH MET...

Dark Funeral - In The Sign (FULL EP)

Dark Funeral - In The Sign EP (2000) Tracklist: Open the Gates Shadows Over Transylvania My Dark Desires In the Sign of the Horns Equimanthorn (Bathory cover...

Dark Funeral - Live @ Wacken 2012

Dark Funeral - Live @ Wacken 2012 Setlist: 1. The Arrival Of Satan's Empire 2. Atrum Regina 3. Vobiscum Satanas 4. An Apprentice Of Satan 5. Open The Gates ...

Dark Funeral - Live in Paris DVD

Dark Funeral - Bloodstock Open Air 2013 (Full concert)

Dark Funeral - Bloodstock Open Air 2013 (Full concert)