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Dead Soul Tribe

Dead Soul Tribe

Dead Soul Tribe - To My Beloved

Track 03 from "The Dead Word" !!Buy the cd!! LYRICS: When the rains of the Earth stood still In the faith of the darkest will Sorcerers of the ageless one Cursed the world for the days to come In the gaze of the Pharaoh Through the midnight the desert wind Cold as serpent skin To the scorching Cairo days High noon, the Sun ablaze We dragged great stones through the Egypt sands Built the walls with shackled hands Lived and died by the priests demands Sweet Mary Sweet Mary My heart is broken Now my soul is dead The word is spoken Sweet Mary Sweet Mary One day I'm gonna break this cage Unleash this human rage Crush their bones underneath these stones Sweet Mary Sweet Mary More than life could give While seasons turned, I devised my plan The perfect way we could make our stand We'll mark this day with blood-red stains They've got whips but we've got chains And we've got the numbers, nearly ten-to-one When their eyes are blind by the setting Sun We'll rise up to engage them Sweet Mary Sweet Mary


Coming Down - Dead Soul Tribe


Dead Soul Tribe - Once

Dead Soul Tribe's Song Once From There Self Titled Album Song # 8 4:50 L Y R I C S ______...

Dead soul tribe- Spiders and flies

song from The January tree...

Dead Soul Tribe - Black Smoke And Mirrors

Feed Part I - Stone By Stone - Dead Soul Tribe

A skeleton made of houses Something out of the nothingness Will be born Asleep for a thousand years Taking form Stone by stone Stone by stone Something is st...

Dead Soul Tribe - The Messenger

Dead Soul Tribe - The Messenger From There Album : A Murder Of Crows Song# 3 5:15 L Y R I C S _...

Dead Soul Tribe - My Dying Wish

Track 09 from "The Dead Word" !!Buy the cd!! LYRICS: On the day I die Don't pray for me Soulstealer In the place I lye Set me free Soulstealer Take your cros...

Dead Soul Tribe - Regret

Band: Deadsoul Tribe Album: A Murder of Crows Song: Regret.

Dead Soul Tribe-Time (Bonus Track)

Bonus Track ..I am here. I am waiting. Now I Fear. What I'm Waiting for.