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'Prosecute Bush and Cheney!' - Death wish of paralyzed Iraq vet starving himself

Nearly a decade ago, the Bush administration gave misleading information to the American people in an effort to draw support for the US-led invasion of Iraq. Initially, Saddam Hussein was believed to have weapons of mass destruction, but years later, billions of dollars spent, hundreds of thousands live lost, they were never found. Many US military soldiers were injured in the conflict including 33-year-old Iraq War veteran Tomas Young. Young was shot by a sniper leaving him immobile and in constant pain, and now the soldier is planning on refusing treatment in the coming weeks. Mr. Young joins us to explain why he wrote a letter to former President Bush and Dick Cheney. Find RT America in your area: Or watch us online: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter


Millions put their faith in Mexico's Saint Death

Catholicism is by far the dominant religion in Mexico, but the cult of Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, is quickly gaining followers. Millions including drug traffickers are asking for her protection....

Blue Car Of Death! (The Hidden #66)

We discover that a seemingly harmless blue car on the map becomes a death trap when one gets close to it. Potentially more dangerous than the hidden himself! Enjoy! ;D This is part 66, watch...

Mindcrack - S5 E5 - Death Games?

I build the main storage area of my base, then do something... fun.

The Death of the Video Game Demo - The Point

Beta Programs and Early Access are making the game demo redundant. Danny reminisces on the golden age of the demo and wonders if we've lost something in the transition. Watch more of The Point!...


REMEMBER TO RATE & SUBSCRIBE! You can't outrun death, but you can sure as hell try... Thumbnail art by: ------------------------------------...

Team Fortress 2 VS Counter Strike - Death Battle

FPS vs FPS. Steam vs Steam. Who will win!? Follow us on Facebook! Eunoia Creations ================================================ Written, Directed and Edited by Stanton Chong Instagram:...


I decided to do one of these scary type games again because lots of you guys have been asking for it. So I give to you Swamp Simulator. 0_0 Social Networks and Stuff! Follow me on Twitter:...

Sneaky Rob Is Sneaky! (Death Run #9)

I swear, half the time we play these, there is no need for death! Robs Channel: Guude Channel: Coes Channel:

Unturned | #5 - VISITING CAMP DEATH, GOLF COURSE SUNRISE! | Ft. Seananners, Minx, Dlive, Entoan

Enjoy my videos? Subscribe! ◅ It's dangerous out there, I wind up needing to be rescued! Seananners: Minx: