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'Prosecute Bush and Cheney!' - Death wish of paralyzed Iraq vet starving himself

Nearly a decade ago, the Bush administration gave misleading information to the American people in an effort to draw support for the US-led invasion of Iraq. Initially, Saddam Hussein was believed to have weapons of mass destruction, but years later, billions of dollars spent, hundreds of thousands live lost, they were never found. Many US military soldiers were injured in the conflict including 33-year-old Iraq War veteran Tomas Young. Young was shot by a sniper leaving him immobile and in constant pain, and now the soldier is planning on refusing treatment in the coming weeks. Mr. Young joins us to explain why he wrote a letter to former President Bush and Dick Cheney. Find RT America in your area: Or watch us online: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter


The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened? Full Trailer to Donate and Help us Finish this MOVIE!!! The Full Trailer for the feature length documentary "The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened?" featuring...

Gaza death toll hits 687; three more Israeli soldiers die

Subscribe: Gaza fighting raged on Wednesday as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said efforts to secure a truce between Israel and Hamas had made some...

Cheat Ice! (Death Run #8)

I swear, half the time we play these, there is no need for death! Robs Channel: Guude Channel: Coes Channel:

Gaza death toll tops 700, U.S. lifts ban on flights

A U.S. ban on commercial flights to Tel Aviv is lifted, while a truce between the Jewish state and Hamas Palestinian fighters remains elusive as the death toll rises above 700. Jillian Kitchener...


My 3yr old having fun in the fun house at our local fair! Make sure you watch it all!! I personally recorded this video and own all copyrights to the video!!

US execution revives death penalty debate

In the US state of Arizona, the execution of a convicted murderer has been botched. Joseph Wood took nearly two hours to die, when it should have taken just ten minutes. He was on death row...

The Economic Collapse Death Spiral Has Begun - Episode 424

Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit More news visit Report date: 7.23.2014 Bank Espirito Santo third holding company just filed...

Garry's Mod : Death Run - In the Sky

Coe found us a few more maps to do in Death Run! Other Players: Pause: Coe: Pyro: Rob:...

Etho MindCrack SMP - Episode 166: Death Is Alive

Minecraft Survival. In this Minecraft episode we start up a Craft Security community service and then we work at reviving the Death Games. MindCrack: