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Safety concerns after Six Flags death

An amusement ride and safety expert offers suggestions on what both parks and people can do to make rides safer. More from CNN at


The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened? Full Trailer to Donate and Help us Finish this MOVIE!!! The Full Trailer for the feature length documentary "The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened?" featuring...

Cheat Ice! (Death Run #8)

I swear, half the time we play these, there is no need for death! Robs Channel: Guude Channel: Coes Channel:

Ariana Grande Sings Death Metal

Thomas Hinds pulled out all the stops this time with his lead and background vocals-freakin awesome! Check out his band, Quadraxis at Mixed by Grant...

Garry's Mod : Death Run - In the Sky

Coe found us a few more maps to do in Death Run! Other Players: Pause: Coe: Pyro: Rob:...


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Hercules Movie CLIP - Death Or Victory (2014) - Dwayne Johnson Fantasy Action Movie HD

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Luigi Death Stare: Movie Invader | PeepholeCircus | MASHED

No one is safe from the Luigi Death Stare. NO. ONE. Why not subscribe? More #mashed: Spikenado by Sam Green Media:

'Big Brother' -- Ariana Grande Hides Grandfather's Death from Brother Frankie

"Big Brother" is now keeping a deep secret -- something that could derail the show if revealed too soon -- and it involves the death of one of Ariana Grande's relatives.

Frankie reading the letter from his family notifying the death of his grandpa on Big Brother

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