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Deceased Biography


DECEASED arose in 1985, drawing inspiration from BLACK SABBATH, VENOM, RAVEN, MERCIFUL FATE, SLAYER and SODOM. During the period of 1985-1989, DECEASED recorded and circulated three demos (The Evil Side Of Religion, Birth By Radiation and Nuclear Exorcist ) that galvanized their reputation as trailblazers of original, technical American death metal. The 1988 hit and run death of bassist Rob Sterzel brought Les Snyder into the fold, completing the quintessential DECEASED line-up (rounded out by King Fowley on drums/vocals, Mark Adams and Mike Smith on guitars). Extensive self-promotion and frequent gigging up and down the east coast brought the band to the attention of a brand new label- Relapse Records - to which DECEASED were the first band to sign. For a very in depth history of the band go to their official site and read through "The History Of The Band' and "Photo History".

Deceased Metal Albums

Up the Tombstones Thumbnail Image

An, Maryland (2000). Deceased prove that the true spirit of death metal is brutally alive.

Luck of the Corpse Thumbnail Image

Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of the Swedish Metal band’s 1999 featuring bonus tracks on Disc One plus a live performance of the album [...]

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