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DECEASED finished track 'the traumatic' from new record 'surreal overdose'

THE TRAUMATIC within her womb sits child fear starving joyous times it knows no smiles nor happiness a life of doom awaits a motherly instinct is to fend and guide a child's soul but in this woman illness reigns and terror it's in control the traumatic, pollution of the mind slain fornication mass produces seeds of tragedy an all the while an anxious spell controls attentive minds she taunts the children placing ghouls down deep behind their eyes force feeding darkness teaching them that life's a place of fear she keeps them buried underneath this precious world of light as her face contorts her mouth upturns and creates the devils smile the traumatic, pollution of the mind reclused and cruel her life goes on another victim grows her addiction to the dark, disturbed brings another pregnancy the infant newborns unsnuggly settle into their creeping tombs they'll see no sun as the canvas paints a storming, raining doom seeing children doomed with fear is the greatest gift of all tears and panic in their eyes sees her grin from ear to ear torment womb a living cage she wills her illness she craves insane bringing monsters into their blood to creep and crawl and set the tone tearing, ripping spoon fed terror feeds them full you must pray for these children, the traumatic! intrigued by the brooding, her serving life possessions a twitching, burning, feeling in her mind FEED THEM HORROR!!! FEED THEM HORROR!!! reserved unto her children, this eternal dark obsession a prize that goes to she who is deranged feed them horror! FEED THEM HORROR feed them horror! FEED THEM HORROR feed them horror! horror!!! the created egg breaks its shell and the sample quickly grows as its life is formed she reconstructs a cerebellum maze doom bludgeoned children freaked and stirred run screaming from their minds as the devils feared from motherly ways laugh disturbingly at them all the deranged grasp takes its hold life-crushed they wont exist forever love and caring ways for them just never bloomed a motherly instinct is to fend and guide her children's soul as her face contorts the devil comes and ends the childs life it's too late for the children, the traumatic... ...a dark cruelty


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I do not own the rights. All rights reserved to the band Deceased.

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