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Deceased - Fearless Undead Machines (Studio Version)

Deceased - Fearless Undead Machines from the 1997 album "Fearless Undead Machines" The prowling demons side by side The final proof that death is life The reapers army built to kill a tragic return to our world I can see the terror in their eyes that empty stare Their haunting souls still intact to seek revenge Unknowing victims take the bait a horrid ending in distaste As we sweep our dead from the streets These fiends devour all in reach I can see the terror in their eyes that empty stare Their haunting souls still intact to seek revenge An endless maze with no escape what can we do? For just how long can we last for where is life still pure Hospitals full with failing life the people soon to go They scream in pain as they fade away Into the shape of "them" We bolt the door they die behind to try and find escape For what can stop this deadly war what will bring their end? Is it violence? Is is science? My thoughts are so unclear who's got the answer? The wind blows in the next wave of the walking dead disease As I sit here watching their every move I know they're watching me But how can I plot my own escape from creatures that don't end Is there safety anywhere? I haven't got a clue As I flee to get away I know they're close, so close I can see their snapping jaws open and close Hell's lunacy is in my brain, insane And panic is now a part of life A victim just waiting in the night, this night Their crippled hands they pull me to their lair, despair My every move and suddenly they're there, beware Hell's lunacy is in my brain, insane And panic is now a part of life But where am I to run? My destination is nowhere fast Is there a place just out of reach where serenity awaits Or am I just a dreamer without the strength to carry on? The fools of fools forever chasing all eternity, eternity This has to be illusion is this the way it's going to end Zombies taking all life's children and throwing them away On earth they've arrived like tortured soldiers sent to war But they're the dead the past returning and now they live again, They live again Then reality hits me like a slap in the face The world's become so wrong Just look around at what's happened To earth the ending has come The terrible deaths the destruction of man the unhuman entity This must be the work of unnatural lords for what else can it be Tell me! What else can it be? Fearless undead machines!!! The end of hope and dreams, fearless undead machines! All copyrights are property of their respective owners, fan tribute only.


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I do not own the rights. All rights reserved to the band Deceased.

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