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Default Biography


Default is a Canadian alternative rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. They have released four albums to date. Default were initially discovered by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. Impressed by the band, Kroeger aided Default wherever possible by taking them on tours, co-writing songs, and producing material. Default have since progressively distanced themselves from Kroeger's influence over the years. Default's hit single "Deny" was featured in the 2003 iteration of EA Sports' NHL video game series which help them gain even further exposure. Having already amassed an adequate fan base and frequent radio airplay in their native Canada, they managed to gain popularity in the United States for their hit singles "Wasting My Time" and "Deny" from their first album The Fallout. Default's first and second albums were produced with the help of Chad Kroeger, who would later reduce his involvement by only co-writing one song for their third album "One Thing Remains". Despite the significant success of the singles from The Fallout, Their follow-up albums Elocation and One Thing Remains failed to gain the same amount of popularity and radio airplay in the United States as their debut. Elocation was mostly successful for their hit single "(Taking My) Life Away" which was played extensively on the radio and television in Canada. Their second single from "Elocation" was "Throw It All Away", which was then followed by "All She Wrote". The single "Count On Me" from their third album One Thing Remains was a hit on Canadian radio before the album was even released. The Band also had their song "The Memory Will Never Die" featured on WWE's Wrestlemania. Default's fourth album, which was originally planned to be released in 2007, had suffered significant delays and setbacks due to issues with their record label TVT, which eventually went bankrupt and was sold to an independent label known as The Orchard. Back on a new label, Default's fourth album "Comes and Goes" will be released in September 2009 via EMI Canada Records, with the first single being "All Over Me". Line-up Vocalist: Dallas Smith Guitar: Jeremy Hora Bass Guitar: Dave Benedict Drums: Danny Craig Discography 2001: The Fallout 2003: Elocation 2005: One Thing Remains 2009: Comes and goes Official website:

Default Metal Albums

The Fallout Thumbnail Image

A band that will definitely stand out among the newcomers in the Class of 2001, Default is something rare – a straight-ahead, riff-driven rock band. Default [...]

Elocation Thumbnail Image

This record has been beautifully remastered from the original analog mixes using the latest 24-bit digital technology, as part of the Triumph ”Millennium Remastered Series”. Approaching [...]

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