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The New YouTube Look

Watch a discussion about YouTube's new look that rolled out on December 6th, 2012. You'll see the team that designed, and built, the update answer questions from you -- the YouTube community. If your question isn't answered, join us for a Reddit IAmA on Tuesday, December 18th 2012 at 10am PT / 1pm ET Click the links below to skip to a specific question within the video: 1:07 - "What motivated you to make the change? What advantages do you think come with the change?" 3:14 - "After the new layout was released, I have been receiving far fewer views on my new uploads than normal. Is this behavior intended, or is it an unintended oversight?" 5:25 - "Why was the list of Trending Videos removed? Now, I have to go to Reddit to find out what videos are trending on YouTube." 7:42 - "The default is "what to watch". People subscribe to channels so they can see those channels' videos. So the default should be uploads from subscriptions -- why isn't it?" 11:33 - "Formerly, when I was viewing a video and I wanted to view another video from this user, there was a drop-down menu that allowed me to see their other uploads. Why did you remove this when it was one of the handiest features? 14:01 - "Why not scrap the "guide" and bring back the "add/remove modules" function on the homepage -- everybody was happy with that, and we could get all the videos that we wanted to see. 18:12 - "Why is the video title at the bottom, with the "Guide" and "More Results" tabs near the top?" 20:41 - "Why is the layout not centered?" 22:00 - "What happened to the "use old embed code" option that was there when you shared a video? I use that option all the time to link to ebay and now it's not there -- this is detrimental!" 23:15 - "You dumbed down advance search -- badly. You can't filter by things like view count and upload date. What's the deal? " 24:15 - "Why isn't there a button that I can click on to go directly to my inbox from the homepage? I have to click on too many links to get to there. I should only have to click once." 24:58 - "Why did you take away the browse button? It makes it more difficult to discover new videos." 26:49 - What's next? Should we expect to see anything else in the coming months?


Default - Wasting My Time

Official music video for Default - Wasting My Time. Buy on iTunes: Subscribe: © 2001 The Orchard.

The Forces Behind Argentina's Default

James Henry explains why Argentina has a U.S. court deciding its financial fate and the vulture capitalists like Charles Singer who are looking to profit.

Gnar Default Skin Spotlight [Fixed]

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Argentinan finance expert: Default 'unavoidable'

Former finance undersecretary for Argentina Miguel Kiguel says Argentina's chances of avoiding default are slim at best.

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Default: the Student Loan Documentary chronicles the stories of borrowers from different backgrounds affected by the student lending industry and their strug...

Bravely Default - Quick Review

Bravely Default is one of the highest rated games on the 3DS, but how good is it REALLY?

Bravely Default's Strong Sales Continue, Reach 1 Million Worldwide - GS News Update

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My internet broke again, uploading this outside some random lucky ass guy that have fiber broadband. Lucky me its without a password! Click Here To Subscribe...

cs 1.6 de_tuscan default C4 wallbang [115]

cs 1.6 прострел бомбы по дефу на планте А. demo: ----------------- Подпишись и узнаешь еще больше о кс...