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MW3 Road to MOAB - Game 3 - FFA on Arkaden Default or Tactical button layout ?

Puddlayians, Which layout do you use? THANK YOU so much for 25 likes the support you have all shown me is NUTS! Welcome to "Road to M.O.A.B" this series of videos documenting the process of achieving my first Mother Of All Bombs where every game will be recorded LIVE. You guys will be a part of this and see all of the good, the bad, the rage, the laughter and me crying. Thumbnail provided by: DISCLAIMER: I am not the best player, have never claimed to be and never will claim to be. TWITTER (+ follow)!/puddock3000 FACEBOOK (+ like) REDDIT


Default: the Student Loan Documentary (Broadcast Version)

Default: the Student Loan Documentary chronicles the stories of borrowers from different backgrounds affected by the student lending industry and their strug...

Let's Play Default Dan! - Part 1

Support Default Dan's Kickstarter! What Should I Play Next? NEW LITERAL Game of Thrones! -


My internet broke again, uploading this outside some random lucky ass guy that have fiber broadband. Lucky me its without a password! Click Here To Subscribe...

DEFAULT DAN IS CRAZY! (Gametime w/ Smosh)

Subscribe to Smosh Games! Ian and Anthony are back playing another Mario style platformer this week. Default Dan must be Mario's ...

Bravely Default Review

New here? Subscribe! --- Bravely Default Review An RPG that recalls the golden 16-bit and 32-bit era from Square Enix. Bravely Default i...

Bravely Default - Review

Bravely Default embraces both genre traditions and new ideas, and the result is one of the best JRPGs of recent years.

Default Dan - Steam Train

They got a Kickstater IT'S ENDING JANUARY 31st THAT'S REAL SOON! Your conductors are: Ross: http:...

Nintendo 3DS - Bravely Default - Story Trailer

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