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Destruction Biography


Destruction is a German thrash metal band formed in Lörrach, Germany in 1982. They originally started under the name Knight of Demon. They soon changed their name to Destruction and released two demos. They are also known as one of the three big names of Teutonic thrash metal; the others are Kreator and Sodom. They recorded their first demo in 1984 entitled "Bestial Invasion of Hell". The original line-up consisted of vocalist/bassist Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer, drummer Marc Reign and guitarist Mike Sifinger. In 1999, a reunion has been consistently successful, with 2001's album "The Antichrist" being regarded by many as a modern thrash classic. The band followed up with "Metal Discharge" in 2003 and, most recently, "Inventor of Evil" in 2005 by Nuclear Blast Records. Discography: Sentence of Death EP, 1984 Bestial Invasion of Hell Demo, 1984 Infernal Overkill Full-length, 1985 Eternal Devastation Full-length, 1986 Mad Butcher EP, 1987 Release From Agony Full-length, 1988 Live Without Sense Live album, 1989 Super Best Destruction Collection Best of/Compilation, 1990 Cracked Brain Full-length, 1990 Best of Best of/Compilation, 1992 The Butcher Strikes Back Demo, 1999 All Hell Breaks Loose Full-length, 2000 Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000 Split, 2001 Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000 DVD, 2001 Live promo EP, 2001 Whiplash Single, 2001 The Antichrist Full-length, 2001 Alive Devastation Live album, 2002 Metal Discharge Demo, 2003 Metal Discharge Full-length, 2003 Live Discharge - 20 Years Of Total Destruction DVD, 2004 Inventor of Evil Full-length, 2005 Thrash Anthems Best of/Compilation, 2007 D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. Full-length, 2008 The Curse Of The Antichrist - Live In Agony Live album, 2009

Destruction Metal Albums

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