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iPhone 5: Destruction & Giveaway (Rebuild)

20 minutes of non-stop destruction! *SEE TIME CODES FOR TOPICS!* This allows me to GIVE the rebuilt iPhone 5 AWAY! Thank you 1. The Plan (00:25) 2. iPhone 5 General Durability Overview (2:00) 3. Abrasion and Scratch Testing (4:34) 4. Drop Tests (7:19) 5. The Salvage (10:40) 6. Mallet Smash (11:07) 7. Beach Torture (12:53) 8. Dragged Behind A Car (14:18) 9. iPhone Dipped in Molten Wax ( 15:20) 10. Punishment by FIRE (16:15) 11. The iPhone Bomb: Death by Firecrackers (18:19) 12. Details about Giveaway: Stay tuned! (18:52) Yes, I will be giving the rebuilt phone away! I will be releasing the details soon! I will link the video here.



Official Music video for "Carnivore" from DESTRUCTION. Get it here: SUBSCRIBE to Destruction: SUBSCRIB...

Destruction - Eternal Devastation (FULL ALBUM)

1. Curse The Gods - 00:00 2. Confound Games - 06:07 3. Life Without Sense - 10:37 4. United by Hatred - 17:01 5. Eternal Ban - 22:05 6. Upcoming Devastation ...

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Aero Chord - Ctrl Alt Destruction [FREE DL]

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Destruction - Live At Wacken 2007 [Full Concert]

Setlist: 1. Intro 2. The Butcher Strikes Back 3. Curse the Gods 4. Nailed to the Cross 5. Mad Butcher 6. Alliance of Hellhoundz 7. Soul Collector 8. Deathtra...

Sony PS4 vs .50 cal - Slow Mo Destruction at 50,000 FPS

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Destruction - Thrash 'Till Death

Album: "The Antichrist" 2001 Ratta Facebook:

Vacuum Cleaner Destruction

I abandoned this un reliable vacuum a few years ago after numerous repairs by both professionals and myself. Since then it has sat in my shop and collected s...

The Destruction Hour : Episode 3

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