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Dismember - Europa Burns

"Europa Burns," taken from Dismember's self titled album, Dismember (2008) Death Metal Lyrics: 1914 Nations bleed in the Great War to end all wars young men march on towards the frontline Unknowing of the horrors to come Europa burns 1916, young men fight on Most of them gone in the western campaign Count the dead and justify That nothing has been gained Mass the troops for another push A sacrifice to the rain of steel As Europa burns 1918, young men are gone Horribly maimed in no-mans land Trenches are filled with blood of the dead Human waste of world war one


Dismember - Dreaming In Red

"Dreaming In Red," taken from Dismember's album, Indecent & Obscene (1993) Death Metal Lyrics: Time is drifting away To form another day With our without me ...

Dismember - Casket Garden

Swedish death metal at its best.


DISMEMBER - DISMEMBER 1 Deathe Conquers All 0:00 2 Europa Borns 3:48 3 Under a Blood Red Sky 7:21 4 The Hills Have Eyes 12:46 5 Legion 16:02 6 Tide of Blood ...

Dismember - Like an everflowing stream [Full Album] 1991

Thrash/Death/Black on Facebook: Tracklist: 01. Override of the Overture 05:15 02. Soon to Be Dead 01:55 03. Blee...


Artist: Dismember Album: Massive Killing Capacity Song: Nenia.

Dismember - Dismembered

Presenting a gem in Death metal history, I bring you Dismember. From their 1991 album "Like an Ever Flowing Stream".

Dismember - Collection by blood

Colder than flesh Stronger than thought I dance with the demon And your dream ends dark Hunting at night Blood is my art Red in sight I'm killing in parts A ...

Dismember - Soon to be dead

clip from Dismember.

Dismember - "Trail of the Dead" Candlelight/Manic Music

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