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Cops hunt down 'Ipit Taxi' gang members

The police are currently searching for two other members of the Ipit Taxi gang that were caught on CCTV. If you are always boarding a taxi, the police has tips in order for you not to become...

Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system shoot down 15 rockets at once

Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system shoot down 15 rockets at once..The rockets were fired towards Israel by Palestinian militants but they were all destroyed before they could cause any...

[EXID(이엑스아이디)] 위아래 UP & DOWN Teaser Ver. 2

3rd Digital Single '위아래' Teaser Ver. 2 - Official SNS - Twitter Facebook Youtube

Gettin' down with Kels & it's not sex. SRS

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Pornhub Breaks Down Porn By Platform - The Know

Pornhub Insights breaks down how we view porn and how long. Here are all the stats: News By: Meg Turney Hosted By: Meg Turney Music By: @EvGres at...

DJ Khaled - Hold U Down (Rendition) by SoMo

Camera got messed up so no video, but I know y'all will still hold me down.. Right? Tickets #TheWideAwakeTour on sale now! SoMo:

Florida Man Records Himself Getting Attacked by Cop for not Rolling Down Window all the way

AM2014: Mustang Puts Down 926 Horsepower at the Car Show

(3) Mustangs put down over 2370 horsepower on the Bama Performance dyno at the largest Mustang car show in the world! Were you there for AmericanMuscle's 2014 Mustang Show where the Bama...

PS4 Hacked?? (Playstation Network Down)

PSN Hacked: The Playstation Network has been hacked. Services on Sony devices such as the PS4 have gone down! PS4 Hacked? ------ My Twitter: My Facebook: https://f...