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Dredg - Gathering Pebbles

Live From Germany.

Dredg - Kayasuma

Great song from their first EP "Orph". Group: Dredg. Album: Orph. Song: Kayasuma. © Copyright Dredg.

Dredg - Bug eyes (Acoustic)

Dredg - Bug eyes (Acoustic) All credit belongs to Dredg.

DREDG San Francisco Interview (2014)

Before their second Turkey show, Birsen Birdir interviewed wit Mark Engles from legendary Bay Area band dredg in San Francisco. Camera: Abdullah Alfarhood.

Dredg - Bug Eyes

Live in Germany!

dredg - Down to The Cellar

'The Pariah, The Parriot, The Delusion' 2009.

Dredg in Moscow 26.04.2014 Part 1

Live video from Teatr club in Moscow 26.04.2014 This video was taken with HTC One M8 and Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand.

Dredg - Information (Acoustic Version)

Information Single (B-Side)

dredg - Lightswitch & Saviour (live on The Daily Habit)

dredg performing Lightswitch & Saviour on Fuel TV's The Daily Habit. Performed 2009-08-27 in Los Angeles, CA, aired 2009-09-18. Ripped by dsv.