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Earshot - Down

Next song and although i only know about 5 songs by them this is the best!. For some reason though when i went through the upload to upload this video my internet blocked my public vids saying there was a malicious add on????WTF


Earshot - Not Afraid

Earshot Not Afraid.

Earshot - Now That It's Over (NEW SINGLE 2014)

(Audio only. Lyrics on description) First single for their upcoming Mini-LP "Aftermath (TBR August, 2014)". All rights reserved to Earshot, and Earshot Inc. ...

Earshot- Letting Go (Full Album)

Earshot - Wait

Earshot - Get Away (Video)

2006 WMG Get Away (Video)

Earshot - Fall Apart

Heavy Grunge music basically. The weirdest thing is yesterday i found out Alexthe15th used Wait as the music for his ADW trailer and im using it for my serie...

Earshot - Again

Again by Earshot.

Earshot- Unfortunate

The 10th track off of Earshot's first album "Letting Go", 2002. Lyrics in description: I want to be sure I want to make clear I want you to know I love you m...

Earshot - Wait (Lyrics).wmv