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Earshot - Wait

Earshot Wait.

Earshot - Ordinary Girl

Lyrics in description: Wait, there is too much on my mind are we here just to simply pass the time? all these questions awake inside my head all these questi...

Gaming Tribute - Earshot: Wait

GMV46 (If you can, engage 720p) Created using Windows Movie Maker Created under Fair Use MUSIC Earshot: "Wait" Music Video

Guts Pie Earshot - Butterfly Murder Album : Wait (1998)

Guts Pie Earshot - Close to Distance

Beautiful song ...

Earshot - MisSunderstood

My Video For Earshot's MisSunderstood.

Guts Pie Earshot - Close to distance (full version)

Earshot - Missunderstood (with lyrics)

The lyrics are synchronized with the song (there are some mistakes , it's my first film of this type ).

Guts Pie Earshot - Woodloop

album : Exit (2003) Rizio (Patrick Cybinski) : Cello Scheng (Jean Jacobi) : Drums Al-X (Alex Franke) : Bass