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Earshot- Headstrong

The 1st track off of Earshot's first album "Letting Go", 2002. Lyrics are in Description: Strapped down and heavy, tied up And bound This weight I carry, thi...

Earshot- Unfortunate

The 10th track off of Earshot's first album "Letting Go", 2002. Lyrics in description: I want to be sure I want to make clear I want you to know I love you m...

Earshot - Wait

Earshot Wait.

EarShot - Closer

Decided to put this video back after I had to remove it Subscribe if you'd like.

Earshot - The Ugly Truth (NEW SINGLE)

(Audio only. Lyrics on description) Promotional single, released by the band in 2009, independently and for free. All rights reserved to Earshot, and Earshot...

Earshot - Down

Next song and although i only know about 5 songs by them this is the best!. For some reason though when i went through the upload to upload this video my int...

Earshot - Headstrong (Queen of the Damned Soundtrack)

Earshot Headstrong Queen of the Damned Soundtrack January 8th 2010 The Library St Louis Missouri m...

Earshot - Wait + Lyrics

Lyrics: Something's wrong, Trying to conquer these fears i thought were gone. And it's been so long, I'm dying to live in a world i don't belong I cant wait ...

Earshot - Missunderstood (with lyrics)

The lyrics are synchronized with the song (there are some mistakes , it's my first film of this type ).