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Earshot - Wait (Lyrics).wmv

EarShot - Closer

Decided to put this video back after I had to remove it Subscribe if you'd like.

Earshot - Wait

Earshot Wait.

GUTS PIE EARSHOT 2013 - 20 years -"Amparo Fugaz"

music: GUTS PIE EARSHOT - pre-version of the song: "Amparo fugaz" - the main song from our 20 years - release "AMPARO FUGAZ" - a tribute to manu chao. movie:...

Gaming Tribute - Earshot: Wait

GMV46 (If you can, engage 720p) Created using Windows Movie Maker Created under Fair Use MUSIC Earshot: "Wait" Music Video

Earshot - Missunderstood (with lyrics)

The lyrics are synchronized with the song (there are some mistakes , it's my first film of this type ).

Earshot - Headstrong (Queen of the Damned Soundtrack)

Earshot Headstrong Queen of the Damned Soundtrack January 8th 2010 The Library St Louis Missouri m...

Guts Pie Earshot - Close to Distance

Beautiful song ...

Earshot- MisSunderstood

The single "MisSunderstood" from Earshot's new album "The Silver Lining, being released in August. A lot of people have been searching for this song, so I'm ...