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Egypt Central

Egypt Central

Egypt Central Biography


John Falls – vocals Joey Chicago – bass Heath Hindman – guitars Blake Allison – drums There is no time for a pity party. John Falls (frontman) would be the first to tell you this. Your life is what you make of it. John was abused from the age of two until he was eight. As a result, he was taken out of his home and into the state’s custody. During that time he was moved from foster home to foster home. He never felt secure anywhere yet he didn’t let that get in his way of succeeding in whatever endeavor he took on – sports, grades, etc. John lost sight of his path for a moment at fifteen when he fell into gang activity, selling drugs and rebelling against authority. Fortunately for John, good friends inspired him and encouraged him to a new way of life through music. This began the journey to piece together a band and find his success in music. Hanging out one night in a club, John spotted a kid who just looked the part of a rock star. John asked around and found that this kid was guitar player Heath Hindman. After countless conversations, John was able to convince Heath to join him on this new project. Now John and Heath went searching for the rest of what they needed. Time passed by and the two were nearing their breaking point. Then one night when they were on their way to a friend’s practice room for advice, they heard a drummer boom from down the hall. Heath knew who it was and knew that this was the drummer they needed. He told John to work his magic and convince the young prodigy – Blake Allison - to join their group. Blake told John that he might do it but that he only played with one bass player and that they came as a pair. Blake called his best friend and fellow musician Joey Walser in Chicago with the proposition of leaving the jam, funk, jazz scene and trying rock. Months of private conversations between the two followed. Blake and Joey decided to join John and Heath and give it their all. Joey moved to Memphis and the core of the band was finally realized. For the next few months the group wrote and wrote and wrote, every night sweating out the new style of music, and smashing many styles into one. The foursome thought they wanted a second guitar player - it had been an idea from the beginning. They tried out a few situations that didn’t work out to their liking. Two years later the band came to the realization that it was the magic of the four who started Egypt Central that is the driving force of their music. The debut album was recorded with Josh Abraham (Velvet Revolver, Korn, Limp Bizkit) in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, once the record was finished, the band was confronted with an onslaught of troublesome experiences...yet they rose to beat down every conflicting situation thrown at them. Egypt Central remained everything that they stand for and overcame those unforeseen obstacles of life and hard times. Due to overwhelming demand, the band made their debut album available in Memphis and online. With remarkable results their cd debuted as #1 independent release in the Memphis market and started selling online to fans from all over the world. Egypt Central is amped up playing shows outside of Memphis and spreading their eagerness to overcome everything from suppression to being unaccepted. Everything is possible in this life. There is no time for a pity party.

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Stabbing Westward have always had a mix of industrial overtones and crashing power chords at their disposal, but their self-titled fourth album focuses on their melodic [...]

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