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Eighteen Visions

Eighteen Visions


Eighteen Visions @ furnace fest 2002

eighteen visions @ furnace fest 2002.

Eighteen Visions - The beautiful people

Eighteen Visions done a remake of Marilyn Manson's song.

Eighteen Visions-You Broke Like Glass

Can I get away? Get away from you. Cos your broken edge is what told the truth. Standing: in the corner you start facing the wall alone. Shaking: you crawl a...

Eighteen Visions-The Psychotic Thought

death to your king in his glorified horror. killing time. bathing in his own beautiful sin. kill your maker and the shadows will unleash a forgotten soul. re...

Eighteen Visions-Motionless And White

sit down and shut up so i can sing you your fucking love song. yeah so sit down and listen to me. i've got something to say. you took that line with too much...

Eighteen Visions-I Don't Mind

I don't mind. If it goes or if it dies. I don't mind. If it shows or if it hides. I don't mind. If she's low or if she's high. I don't mind. If she flows or ...

Music Video - Tonightless by Eighteen Visions

Just a compilation of pictures with one of my favorite songs (I do not own this song, Eighteen Visions, or Sony Music Entertainment, so please don't remove t...

Eighteen Visions - Life's Blood

Eighteen Visions: Life's Blood off of the Lifeless EP.

Eighteen Visions - The World Is Mine

This song is from the japanese version of the album ''Obsession'' by Eighteen Visions 18V.