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Eisbrecher 'Böse Mädchen' (English Lyrics)

BÖSE MÄDCHEN WEINEN NICHT, WEINEN NICHT! I do NOT own the music, nor the lyrics accompanying it, in this video. They are both direct property of Eisbrecher and their respective owners. Please, buy the official album!


Eisbrecher - Ohne Dich


Eisbrecher - Boese Maedchen


Eisbrecher - Eiszeit (Official Clip)

Videoclip oficial de Eisbrecher : Eiszeit.

Eisbrecher- Die Engel

Eisbrecher - Eiszeit - Die Engel.

Eisbrecher This is Deutsch

Eisbrecher This is Deutsch.

Eisbrecher - Eisbrecher

Title: Eisbrecher Band: Eisbrecher Album: Eisbrecher (2004) Lyrics:

Eisbrecher - This is Deutsch (imagined by Peanutgirly)

Song: This is Detusch Band: Eisbrecher If you like the song, please support the musicians. If you like Peanutgirly (or not) tell me @

Eisbrechers 'Amok' (English Lyrics)

Yes, I am DiexFlamme back from the grave. I've been working at a job recently, so I haven't done much... sorry. That WILL change. I'll upload so of the stuff...

Eisbrecher-This is Deutsch.mp4