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Eisbrecher- Ohne Dich

Eisbrecher- Ohne Dich with lyrics in German and English. Created by 095tube, Enjoy. (Thanks to all of you who have posted positive comments on this song,I'm still trying to learn German so DANKE ;) *Also the clip is not the best, it was my first and I put it together really quickly but if you see some of my other videos, you can see I've improved. Plus this song rocks so focus on the lyrics :) I burn for you I can't breath without you You forgive because you love I fall for you I can no longer stand up without you You understand because you live What is the sun without your light What is a picture without your face I have cursed life I have tried to live alone But I can't Without you I can't be free Without you I can't be endlessly high Without you I am alone Without you I can't fly Without you I can't endlessly love Without you I cannot be I awake for you I can't feel anything without you You liberate you forgive I drown in you I feel your heart beat deep in me You understand because you live I pray to God that this never ends That your fire will dazzle me forever I miss you, I count every second Without your mercy I will go under For more Eisbrecher lyrics go to


Eisbrecher Mix

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Eisbrecher - Vergissmeinnicht

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Eisbrecher This is Deutsch.

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Eisbrecher - Boese Maedchen


Eisbrecher - Ohne Dich