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Eisbrecher- Fanatica

Eisbrecher- Fanatica. German & English lyrics. Enjoy. We're dancing electric totally hectic We're swinging fantastic elastic We're spinning narcotic hyper-hypnotic We're dancing the rhythm with which I must go Feed my fire Let me put some dust on your face Heat my wire You make me feel ecstatic Make me dance fanatic tonight Dance Fanatica Dance Fanatica We're dancing electric totally hectic We're floating erotic neo-exotic We're moving cryptic apocalyptic We're dancing ecstatic We're dancing fanatic Lyrics obtain from:


Eisbrecher - Ohne Dich


Eisbrecher - Boese Maedchen


Eisbrecher - Eiszeit (Official Clip)

Videoclip oficial de Eisbrecher : Eiszeit.

Eisbrecher This is Deutsch

Eisbrecher This is Deutsch.

Eisbrecher - Schwarze Witwe (

Eisbrecher's video for their song "Schwarze Witwe" from their debut album "Eisbrecher".

Eisbrecher - Eisbrecher

Title: Eisbrecher Band: Eisbrecher Album: Eisbrecher (2004) Lyrics:

Eisbrecher - This is Deutsch (imagined by Peanutgirly)

Song: This is Detusch Band: Eisbrecher If you like the song, please support the musicians. If you like Peanutgirly (or not) tell me @

Eisbrecher - This is Deutsch [25.01.2014 - St.Petersburg] (multicam by popaduba) HD Eisbrecher - This is Deutsch [25.01.2014 - St.Petersburg] (multicam by popaduba) HD.

Eisbrechers 'Amok' (English Lyrics)

Yes, I am DiexFlamme back from the grave. I've been working at a job recently, so I haven't done much... sorry. That WILL change. I'll upload so of the stuff...