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Em Sinfonia

Em Sinfonia


Idimmu-Homeless (instrumental) First of all i want to give some special thanks to: t.A.a.e - Adrian Andu (check the band he is in, they are awesome) - They helped me record and master the song. So i owe them loads of beer, hehe. Second: The artwork is rendered in UDK. All models and bla bla bla done by me. (you could that artwork right?) Some spoiler i guess....i'm working on a album called Bittersweet Reality and i'm trying to connect it with my project Age of Arkolum. So...yeah, the artwork you see it's from my project that i'm working on and i hope that one day i will form a team so i can take this project to an end. And i want to thank Novembers Doom for their wonderful music that they compose.They are a great inspiration for me. SoundCloud - Facebook - LastFM - Personal Site -



28 08 2013 Michael Jackson Em seu aniversário,meus beijos saudosos

Desejo que os anjos em sinfonia de paz,elevem cada vez mais sua alma de luz...

Haydn: Sinfonia Concertante in Bb, 1st mov extract ~ Paradisal Players

An extract from the first movement of Haydn's Sinfonia Concertante taken from the Paradisal Players' concert for Amnesty International on Saturday 14th April...

Jessie J - Dance With Somebody - Cover by Beatriz Roxo

Voz: Beatriz Roxo Guitarras: Cordas em Sinfonia.

EUPHORIK DANCE 2010 Club street dj Hitomi

FreeMind presents EUPHORIK DANCE A tradicional festa eletronica na sua 5a edicao. Para quem nunca foi num festival e para todos os amantes do PSY-TRANCE. Uma...

Alexandra Burke - Hallelujah - Cover by Beatriz Roxo

Voz: Beatriz Roxo Guitarras: Cordas em Sinfonia.


Death Riders - Sinfonia - 2010

Death Riders - Sinfonia - 2010 *** preview of "Through centuries of dust" ALBUM | "Symphony fly high on the lie, I must open my heart, bring me further on an...