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Em Sinfonia

Em Sinfonia

A Dark Fantasy - O' Emotional Opaque

This is a track from the first ADF: The Series album entitled Hypnotic Deserts Of The Mind And Universe. The Series albums are 'shorts' usually of important fairytales situated in the A Dark Fantasy universe. This particular album is about the creation and beginning of the universe itself. It's a space-like adventure about the new-age inhabitants and the planets. This is the first ADF: The Series to be released. The artwork isn't the album artwork. Album artwork is not decided upon, but I enjoyed the artwork present and feel it captures the setting and emotion well. Written and Recorded By Nikki Line



28 08 2013 Michael Jackson Em seu aniversário,meus beijos saudosos

Desejo que os anjos em sinfonia de paz,elevem cada vez mais sua alma de luz...

Haydn: Sinfonia Concertante in Bb, 1st mov extract ~ Paradisal Players

An extract from the first movement of Haydn's Sinfonia Concertante taken from the Paradisal Players' concert for Amnesty International on Saturday 14th April...

Jessie J - Dance With Somebody - Cover by Beatriz Roxo

Voz: Beatriz Roxo Guitarras: Cordas em Sinfonia.

EUPHORIK DANCE 2010 Club street dj Hitomi

FreeMind presents EUPHORIK DANCE A tradicional festa eletronica na sua 5a edicao. Para quem nunca foi num festival e para todos os amantes do PSY-TRANCE. Uma...

Alexandra Burke - Hallelujah - Cover by Beatriz Roxo

Voz: Beatriz Roxo Guitarras: Cordas em Sinfonia.

Death Riders - Sinfonia - 2010

Death Riders - Sinfonia - 2010 *** preview of "Through centuries of dust" ALBUM | "Symphony fly high on the lie, I must open my heart, bring me further on an...


I'm Fine- Cold Ashes

The Way Of Madness (2012)