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ENSIFERUM - One More Magic Potion

Taken from album "Victory Songs" , Spinefarm Records 2007 Animation by Celine Lester.

Ensiferum - Twilight Tavern

This video is for entertainment purposes only and all copyright belongs to Ensiferum and Spinefarm Records. Lyrics: We heard that enemies were approaching fr...

Ensiferum - Ahti (Official Music Video)

ENSIFERUM AHTI Album: Victory Songs Genre: Viking, Folk, Melodic Death Metal Lyrics: At the time of sundown Nature bathes in colours In silence it waits For ...

Ensiferum - Smoking Ruins

Ensiferum with "Smoking Ruins" from the album "From Afar" For many years ago He left his home behind. No farewells or a note, Like a thief he fled into the n...

Heathen Throne - Ensiferum (Lyrics on Screen)

This a really awesome song by Ensiferum on their fourth studio album "From Afar" (2009).

Ensiferum - Twilight Tavern @ Tuska Open Air 2014

Ensiferum - Twilight Tavern @ Tuska Open Air 2014.

Ensiferum In My Sword I Trust Live At RockHard Festival 2013

Lord of the Rings - Twilight Tavern (Ensiferum)

LOTR Trilogy music video to Twilight Tavern by Ensiferum. I LOVE LOTR AND ENSIFERUM AND THIS SONG! Closely watch Gandalf at around 03:39! it's worth it!!! Ch...

Ensiferum Live at Bloodstock Open Air 2010 - "From Afar"

Ensiferum perform live the track "From Afar" title track from their 4th Studio album "From Afar" (Spinefarm 2009) at the award winning Bloodstock Open Air 20...