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Entombed Biography


Entombed is a death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden which formed in 1987 under the name of Nihilist. In 1989 they changed their name to Entombed. Though Entombed began their career as an early pioneer of Scandinavian death metal, by the early 1990s their sound had broadened to include hardcore punk and other influences. This new style would eventually be described as Death 'n' Roll, of which Entombed remains arguably the best-known example. Entombed's debut album was Left Hand Path, a cult favorite that established the band as a popular death metal band. The follow-up, Clandestine, was just as popular. These first two albums were unique in that they featured what was sometimes referred to as an "electric saw" guitar sound. It was created using the Boss Heavy Metal distortion pedal and a Peavey amplifier. It appeared on their debut, Left Hand Path. but was improved and refined on the follow up, Clandestine, on which its effect is in its best form. After the Gods of Grind tour, Entombed began changing their sound into a mix of hard rock and death metal frequently called Death and Roll. Although this may have turned off many fans, it established their mainstream and critical reputation. Wolverine Blues and Hollowman are widely considered classics of early 1990s death metal, but were followed by problems with various record companies. In 1999, Entombed released Uprising, which was an anti-commercial return to the band's roots. The follow-up, Morning Star returned to Hollowman and Wolverine Blues style metal. They have since released 2003's album Inferno, a continuation of the 'death n roll' style that has become their trademark sound. 2006 saw the release of new music from Entombed, with the When in Sodom EP on June 6 (or 06/06/06), and the full length album Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments was released on July 9th, 2007. This album is the group's first release with drummer Olle Dahlstedt (of Alpha Safari and ex-Misery Loves Co.), who replaced long-time drummer Peter Stjärnvind in 2006. Current band members: * Lars Göran Petrov - vocals * Nico Elgstrand - bass * Alex Hellid - guitar * Olle Dahlstedt - drums Former members: * Jörgen Sandström - bass * Zoran - bass * Lars Rosenberg - bass * Nicke Andersson - drums, vocals, bass * Peter Stjärnvind - drums * Johnny Dordevic - vocals * David Blomqvist - guitars * Uffe Cederlund - guitar, bass Session and guest members: * Fred Estby - vocals * Matti Kärki - vocals * Orvar Säfström - vocals * Peder Carlsson - harmonica * Anders Lindström - guitar * Daniel Rey - vocals * Östen Warnebring - vocals

Entombed Metal Albums

Left Hand Path Thumbnail Image

Over the years, Sweden’s Entombed has evolved into one of the most original and uncompromising metal outfits, incorporating elements of hardcore and garage rock into its [...]

Serpent Saints: The Ten Amendments Thumbnail Image

Kings Of Damnation: Era 98 04 is a look at the evolution of Zakk Wylde’s progression as a musician, beginning from his solo venture with Pride [...]

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