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Entombed - Stranger Aeons [Official Video]

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Entombed - Same Difference (Full Album)

All 13 tracks from the album "Same Difference" from Entombed, sporting a rather Hard Rock style rather than Death Metal. Track Listing: 1. Addiction King - 0...

Entombed-I for an Eye

Amazing song, strange video.

Entombed - Vulture and the Traitor

Entombed A.D.

Entombed - Some Velvet Morning (lee hazlewood cover)

Taken from the album Sons Of satan Praise the lord from the death metal band Entombed.

Entombed-Addiction King

A slave to the addiction king.

Entombed - Left Hand Path (guitar cover)

Old School Masterpiece from Sweden here!! This is "Left Hand Path", the title track of the "Entombed" debut album printed in 1990! Great emotions ..............

Nord Open Air 2012 - Entombed Live


Morrow The day of dark In my sorrow I am engulfed My fear showed My forever needed spark Gone is my fear for not having it all Here, now, forever Yet I still...