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Lord, if you don't help me I can't get though this I can't Lord, I'm too old for games Foolish wisdom And I'm tired of rhetoric Meaningless rhetoric It never changes things Lord, just help me Help me I was feeling GOD's pain! And I've never had anything That's been any worse to GOD In my 50 years That wasn't born in agony! Never, Never! Dead, empty, And I know that sermons won't do it! I know that a new revelation won't do it! Covenant won't do it. I know now, Oh my God do I know it, Until I lie in Agony Until I have been anguished over it I'm preaching sermons, Oh God. I broke down! And I wept! And I mourned! Does it matter to you at all? I can't handle this I can barely make it into this Little by little you're losing it The lamb/love of GOD The lamb/love of Christ People I know, that were my friends And I've seen them go one by one Some of my closest friends! You changing You know what you were You're changing Little by little something's happening to you Would it bring you to your knees? That's all the devil wants to go Get the fight out of you And kill it So you won't labor in prayer anymore You won't weep before GOD anymore Go To Hell! No weeping Not a word of prayer It's all ruined! You're laughing This isn't life and death When the walls go down And ruin sets in Where's the tears? Where's the mourning? Where's the confessing? Love of Christ, Agony of GOD's heart We have sinned.


Evergrey-"A Touch of Blessing"

This is a video from the melodic metal band Evergrey. Most of my videos are death metal but this one I decided to put up to show what else I am into. Enjoy!

Evergrey - A Night To Remember (Full DVD)

D: Por aquí dejo a Evergrey una de las bandas que me ha acompañado durante muchos años. Ahora despues de tanto tiempo dejo su DVD.

Evergrey - Broken Wings

Film by Patric Ullaeus Music by Evergrey Thanks for watching. Make sure to follow me on instagram, twitt...

EVERGREY - The Inner Circle (Limitied Edition)


Evergrey - I´m drowning alone

Couldnt find any version of this song with lyrics... so i just decided to make one! Great tune!

Evergrey - For Every Tear That Falls (Live)

From "A Night to Remember" (Gothenburg Concert DVD) (2005) The woman singing is Carina Englund, Tom's wife.

Evergrey - I'm sorry

Evergrey - I'm sorry I painted a picture of you, your soul was red and your mind was blue. Destiny laid a light on my creation. This dream I had made a slave...

Evergrey - Blinded

Video by Evergrey.

Evergrey - Broken Wings

taken from the Album: Torn (c)Steamhammer/SPV.